Back to Basics for September

Bravo Apparel, bamboo clothing, team apparel, branded apparel surrey bc

As I mentioned in my previous post, the back to school season is like a time of renewal for me. I always find September as much as a reset as a new year, and even more so because everything for your kids is starting up again. While January 1 seems like more of a time of reflection on the past, present and future, September is more of a time to find new systems, find a new rhythm and start anew. What worked during the last school year, may not work during this school year!

Back to basics in September for me, means getting back to my work-from-home-carpool-mom-casual-wardrobe. It’s like a back-to-school time for my wardrobe as well, as I am no longer wearing shorts all of the time but rather am trying to cultivate a more pulled-together look for myself. Over the past several years, I have tried to streamline my wardrobe to more quality pieces that I can wear more often, and can bridge the gap from casual work-at-home-girl, to being out and about during the day. I love bamboo fabric and discovered it a number of years ago; it keeps you cool or warm, regulating to your internal temperature because it is breathable and unbelievably soft also. I have a number of pieces that I have added to my closet rather slowly, because it can be pricey, but this is a uniform for my current lifestyle that works very well for me.

Bravo Apparel, bamboo clothing, team apparel, branded apparel surrey bc

My friends at Bravo Apparel have a wide selection of pieces available for school uniforms, corporate apparel and team wear.  Considering I dress pretty casually, when they offered me some pieces from their bamboo collection, I jumped at the chance! I got this perfect fit V-neck in superfine bamboo stretch fabric is perfect for my lifestyle. It’s pre-shrunk – yay! – and made from bamboo, rayon and organic cotton, and I got my new website logo printed on the back.

Bravo Apparel, bamboo clothing, team apparel, branded apparel surrey bc

This gorgeous charcoal Bamboo hoodie, which Bravo Apparel customized for me,  is made from 70% rayon from bamboo 30% Organic Cotton and Ring Spun Fleece. My absolute favourite part of the hoodie is the custom embroidery on the sleeves. Both the words BREATHE and CREATE mean something special to me, and I love the reminder whenever I look down at my sleeves. And if I am not careful, Chloe is going to snag it from me – it’s super soft and comfy.

The sales staff from Bravo Apparel based in Surrey BC will help you with all of your team branded apparel or uniform needs. Their quick turnaround time and attention to detail continues to impress me. I love that my new pieces are comfortable enough for working from home, and yet cute enough for being out and about around town. Bamboo fabric is more expensive, but if you want quality fabric, once you have tried it, you will be hooked like me!

While Bravo Apparel has gifted me the merchandise, all opinions expressed are my own and 100% genuine! 


Back to School and New Routines

back to school, new beginnings

Bye-bye summer!

The start of September and the back to school season always feels a bit like a new beginning – like a January 1st. After summer vacation and lack of schedules, it’s nice to get back into a routine and start organizing yourself for a smarter year ahead. While I am not completely Type A when it comes to organizing, I do have my own systems that work for me to keep my household and teenagers somewhat on track.

Some of my tips for the start of the new year include:

Create a spot for backpacks, papers and stuff! Keeping backpacks in one spot and school papers and forms in another makes things easy to find when the mornings are rushed. I usually try to keep backpacks out of the kids bedrooms because once they go in there, things start to get lost. The same goes for lunch kits and containers – they get put back in the same spot every night. This small tip helps to keep the mornings running a little smoother. Continue reading

4 Things To Do Before Your Kids Go Back to School

summer activities, 4 things to do before your kids go back to school

Summer is something I really look forward to during those last two months of school – trying to figure out a few more lunch ideas and driving my kids to all of their end of the year wind-up stuff gets so tedious in May and June. I am always so excited for it to be over. This year, my girls and I had some epic plans for the summer; workouts and beach days, we were going to have lots play-time. While we haven’t done as many workouts as planned – hey, this mama is still working! – we have crossed a lot of things off of the summer-to-do-list. With a flurry of guests visiting from all over Canada, we have also done some things that maybe we wouldn’t have taken time to do on our own. Continue reading

Despite What You Think, Dance is a Team Sport

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Team apparel is a part of creating that total team-atmosphere, just like any other team. This past year, our studio created team jackets, and have done t-shirts, sweatpants and shorts over the years. Local Surrey-based company Bravo Apparel, does a variety of branded apparel and uniform, and can customize unique jerseys for any type of sports team.

You wouldn’t think it in the traditional sense, but dance truly is what I would consider a team sport. Our dance studio attends competitions as a group, and create a sense of camaraderie like a team. All of the group dance numbers require a team effort. Although it isn’t competing head-to-head like another sport such as football or soccer, it’s just as much of a team, and dancers are athletes with strength and flexibility training weekly. Continue reading

6-Months into A Shopping Detox: How am I Doing?

shopping detox, scarlett musings, mindfulness, 2K16, give it away,

In January, I joined a Facebook Shopping Detox Group with some other women I am connected with via my former direct sales biz. The goal is to be mindful of what we are consuming and change behaviour, and stop spending money on unnecessary things. Of course, I have never felt that I was an over-shopper, or at least not over the last number of years. But the accountability of being in a group, even if they don’t know whether I purchased or not, has given me that small voice in my head, reminding me to be mindful.

Honestly…it has been life-changing.

Continue reading

What Freelancing Has Taught Me About Social Media and Direct Sales

scarlett with jewelry via 2009, 2009 photo

Out and about with my jewelry, 2009

Since I left my long-time jewelry business and started working freelance, I have learned so much about myself and about what it really means to use social media to work a business. My former jewelry business was direct sales, and therefore, there was always a roadmap of where to go. When working for yourself, you have no one to answer to but yourself: no incentives to hit, no pre-determined marketing and no team to rally. Just you.

Sometimes it gets lonely and a little boring being just you. But it also really helps to figure out who you are, and what your social media presence means to your business. You start making friends because you just want to BE their friend – you aren’t constantly thinking about selling them something or snagging them as a possible recruit.  I am not just spraying and praying on social media to attract business, but only posting things that are meaningful to me. And if I do post about selling something, it’s because I really mean it and genuinely want to share it.

I’m certainly no pro at freelancing, far from it. But I have learned a few things from working freelance that has given me a greater perspective on using social media for business and/or direct sales. Separately, not necessarily together. Continue reading

Live to Dance: Another Dance Season Complete

live to dance, bravo apparel, scarlett blog, scarlett musings

In so many ways, this school year has flown by. As my girls get further into high school, I find that they have even more activities plus their own social schedules, yet they still need as much assistance as they did when they were younger. When everyone is coming and going every week and into the weekend, 6 months can pass by in a flash. Our dance season consisted of 4 competitions and one trip away to Kelowna, and so if felt like the months of March, April and May, which also is our year end recital, had something almost every weekend. Since Isabella will be entering Grade 11 in the Fall, I have come to the realization that she won’t be in high school too much longer – and her time at Essence of Dance will be coming to a close then too. So, I am looking at the next years ahead with so much gratitude. Continue reading

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