My friend and amazing photographer Cathy Empey, who is a mother of 6 kids under 11 years old (YES 6! and 5 are girls too!), always throws makeup and hairstyling work my way which Iam eternally grateful for! Not only do I love doing photo shoots but I really love Cathy’s style and her clients are always really glad to be there. I think it is because they know they are in good hands (with Cathy….and hopefully me too)!

So yesterday I got to do hair and makeup for an adorable 17-year old named “J” that is graduating this June. What beautiful blue eyes and sweet demeanor this girl had. And her lovely mom had set up this photoshoot for her in her grad dress, which I thought was such a lovely way to show her love for her daughter and to commemorate such a special event.

Cathy, of course, did an amazing  job capturing this girl’s spirit. And I loved the way her hair turned out too 🙂


2 comments on “Grads!

  1. Beautiful. You made her looks as lovely as a High School Grad should look. Not overdone (not that you do that), she looks so fresh and and natural. Love the blog. (Cathy’s mom)

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