‘Eye Candy’ – themed photoshoots, part 3

I have been blogging lately about some of the great photo shoots I have been working on  as part of Lisa Gregory’s project called “Eye Candy”, a soon to be published book. The third photo shoot this week with Daydream Weddings was a Playful bride, and I just love the concept with the really super cute model (Sam) and a playful hairstyle and glittery makeup.

I absolutely love this hairstyle for brides and wish more girls would do it….kind of a carefree, easy-peasy style with barrel-wrapped-curls all over the head. I then did a loose pinned up side-bun, with some curls cascading down and a cute little headband.

Sam had very red lips naturally which we matted out and did a shiny pink colour with gloss. What I loved here was the doe-like eyes with false lashes top AND bottom, to create really childlike, girly look. I loved all of the pink glitter liner and light sheen on her face – the total look was playful and fun. Perfect for a shoot at Playland!!

P.S. note the Stella & Dot ring used in the photos!

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