Two months later…..A special Mother’s Day shoot

I have been as busy as stink I have been so lazy about posting….so today is my catch-up day… note some new blog posts from me!

I have been struggling with the work-life balance these days and as a result, I have really been trying to streamline my life and my businesses! I am only doing exceptionally creative makeup and hair jobs, OR weddings via referral, OR Grads (just because I love’em!) OR Boudoir of course. You can’t do it all, and I am also trying to be better at being a mother, friend and wife too!

My two most important reasons for working all of these flexible gigs are my two girls! My galpal Audra from Audra’s Photography took some really cute photos for us a few weeks ago. Audra is a delight and still has some space for Wedding photography in 2011.

Aren’t these great?!

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