Can a Shy Girl be a Successful Stella & Dot Stylist?

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…This is an important question that I have thought about a lot in my last few years in direct sales. I am sort of a shy person, and introverted-extrovert. I took the Myers-Briggs testing years ago and I was a strange combination – an INST or something? Basically, a girl that was introverted, but that could be extroverted when needed. That is sometimes how I approach my business. For example if I know I have a large Stella & Dot jewelry party coming up where I have to be “on” for quite a few hours, I will make sure that I have enough quiet time during the day beforehand so that I can save enough energy to be extroverted.

So the answer is “YES” of course you can be. I was thinking a lot about this when I read a recent post from a photographer, Jasmine Star, that feels the same way. Wow, I thought, she is so damn successful and she feels that way too?! So its not just me! I think that is why, when I do makeup jobs, I really prefer working on models with photographers, as I don’t necessarily have to talk as much! However, I have chosen this profession, so I think I really do ‘fill my cup’ with the interactions I have with jewelry and makeup clients.

So what are some simple tips for gals that are interested in selling jewelry, doing jewelry parties, however they feel like they are too shy:

Before any jewelry party (or we like to call them Trunk Shows….sounds so much more….New York!), meeting or event where I have to rev myself up, I ¬†make sure I take some time for myself… I can sit and think about how the evening will go, how I can inspire people by showing them jewelry that works for them. I want to make sure that I am smiling and engaged, not worrying about the fact that my kids are home, my feet hurt, or my throat is getting sore from talking too much. So lots of water is key for me. My throat gets dry easily and so does my energy so you know that good old H20 is the key to that!

Last is really feeling prepared and BELIEVING in myself. I can’t let that inner-gremlin get to me! I have to know my product, be feeling good about what I am wearing (yes, so superficial but super important to me!), be feeling comfortable and rested. Really it is just sharing the love.

And honestly, in my 20’s and 30’s, I just wish I would have realised this lesson sooner. I would have saved myself a lot of stress knowing that I can be who I am and be a Successful introverted-extrovert!

And just on that note – here is a very successful not-so-shy girl loving Stella & Dot!


One comment on “Can a Shy Girl be a Successful Stella & Dot Stylist?

  1. the article about a shy girl selling stella & dot jewellery was just what i needed. thank you!
    i would like to know about how i could sell this gorgeous jewellery, without a car and living in a small town, where i don’t know anyone. it sounds like it could be impossible! but, oh, i would sooo love to overcome these obstacles and joing your team!
    sincerely, melisa

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