How to do a 1970’s Makeup Application

I get so many people asking me about how to do various makeup styles from different genres. Clearly the 1970’s is a really popular era, as my short post on 70’s makeup gets a lot of reader traffic! I don’t get many opportunities to do makeup from different eras, but it seems like the 1970’s are really influencing fashion and makeup looks right now so there is plenty of inspiration out there! here are some of my personal faves…

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You have to love the Twiggy-style eye in the first photo. There are ways to really layer your mascara but I particularly love putting false lashes on both top and bottom. If you are like me, you bottom lashes are sparse and spidery so trying to coat all three with mascara doesn’t necessarily look so great! I also find that this look is best on blue eyes….somehow with brown eyes it can turn into a smokey looking mess. I also like it with a lighter lip, which is also shown in this 1970’s image of Brigitte Bardot.

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This image shows my other favourite look that I find very hard to replicate! i’s almost a smudged red cheek and then a certain type of glossy lip. You can tell that this is not a sticky gloss like a lip glaze from MAC, but rather more like a vaseline kind of product layered over red. The key to getting this look on the eyes, is rimming the inner rims with a cobalt blue eyeliner, black on top and then using a peachy orange shadow. The contrast of the blue and orange is key. In the movie Boogie Nights, Julianne Moore’s character had this style of makeup on throughout the movie, and very brushed up brows as well. Heather Graham (who is really so beautiful and never looks bad!) had beautiful makeup, inlcuding that glossy red lip, that was true to the era too.

So my favourite eye look from the 70’s is good old blue eyeshadow with loads of mascara. I practiced this on my kids – the key is wetting the eyeshadow and using lots of primer before. Here are two looks, one blue-green and one blue.

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I will post more 70’s photos soon!




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