When to hire an Expert for your wedding…Top 3 reasons!

There are a number of reasons to hire a professional on your wedding day, especially when it comes to hair and makeup. Here are my Top 3 Reasons:

1. Your Sister/Aunt/Friend may be good at doing hair or your makeup when you go out on the town dancing, but do they know what it takes to have you look your best for photographs? Or do your hair so that it stays all day?! Many people try to cut corners if they have a tight wedding budget, but if you want to look your best ALL DAY, then certainly hair and makeup should be left to the professionals.

2. A professional may suggest something you haven’t thought of! You have been doing your makeup the same way since you started wearing it at age 14. However, maybe there are some new techniques and tricks that will help you to look more dewy or refreshed in your wedding pictures. Consulting with a professional may show you that you can look even better than you thought possible.

3. It is less stressful to have someone come and do it for you! Have you ever had those days when things just don’t go right with your hair? Same with your makeup? Well someone who does it all the time knows exactly how to troubleshoot problems and also keep the energy calm and serene right before a wedding. That alone is reason enough to have an expert do it for you!

This hairstyle on the bride below, I acheived by using a knotting technique that I learned years ago. It is a combination of curling the pieces, then tying a series of knots and pinning it. The photos below show the process of during and after. I think the bride was pleased!

How are you thinking of doing your hair on your wedding day?

Hair 1

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