The Bad and the Good in Makeup – ‘Celebutard’ by Kat Von D and Younique Lashes.

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Kat Von D Colours: Left: Studded Kiss lipstick in Wonderchilde. Right: Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Berlin

It isn’t very often that you hear of a controversy in makeup. However, in late 2013 I saw a story on both local and National news about a lipstick from Sephora that caused some controversy.

I am a big fan of Kat Von D, tattoo artist and beautiful makeup curator for Sephora. I have always admired her distinct style, and have both of her books. I even went to Chapters a few years ago to get her booked signed by her (and waited many hours!). Sephora has her makeup line (basically it is a house brand with her name on it) and I have loved it since it’s debut. Many of the colours of lipstick are a matte or long-wearing which is always hard to find.

Chapters Kat Von D book signing, 2010, Vancouver
Chapters Kat Von D book signing, 2010, Vancouver

In late 2013 she was involved in some controversy (and not to do with Jesse James or any of her other boyfriends) regarding the name of one of her lipsticks ‘Celebutard‘. The word, as defined by the Urban Dictionary: ‘A famous stupid person. Typically refers to the current crop of vapid celebrities.’

Celebutard Paris Hilton got the name of her own videogame wrong.

Members of advocacy groups such as Down Syndrome Uprising said the shade’s name was offensive, and called for Sephora to discontinue the product. Sephora eventually complied, releasing a quick apology with the announcement that the shade had been discontinued and was being pulled from the shelves.

The Colour in question, 'Celebutard'.
The Colour in question, ‘Celebutard’.

Kat Von D? Apparently she didn’t rush to apologize. According to a post on Down Syndrome Uprising’s Facebook page, Von D tweeted the following statement before quickly deleting it: “At the end of the day, it’s just a f*cking lipstick.”

My Kat Von D signed book...
My Kat Von D signed book…

And it is a beautiful colour in my humble opinion. What I find interesting is that the lipstick colour has been on the market for at least 3 years as I got it for a Christmas gift in a set a few years back. So they were a little late in pulling it from the shelves. But lipstick names should inspire and provoke and make people feel like wearing it, not offend. I think Sephora did the right thing.

So that was the bad, now on to the GOOD!! I have discovered the most AMA-ZING makeup product from a company called Younique, which is a brand new exclusive line out of Utah and sold exclusively through independent distributors. No in-home parties, but mostly sold online. I had heard of the product from some of my friends who raved about it so I ordered it and now I’m hooked. The mascara is a two-part product that is specifically meant to enhance lashes but not make them hard or sticky. I swear they look like extensions. I have had extensions in the past, but after having them for a year, once removed, my own lashes were stubby and brittle. And one eye has never fully re-gained all of the lashes back. But this product makes them look like I have extensions. I LOVE it!

Happy Monday!

Kat Von D Lipstick Controversy
Kat Von D Lipstick Controversy



2 comments on “The Bad and the Good in Makeup – ‘Celebutard’ by Kat Von D and Younique Lashes.

  1. Wow ! I LOVED this post Scarlett ! Thanks so much. First of all I am always in search of a new lipstick. That colour looks awesome. I hope they have in on the shelf still under a different name 🙂 I have always wondered about Kat’s makeup so thanks for the recommendation. Secondly I have REALLY short eyelashes and would love to try this mascara.

  2. I Am a faithful Younique user and presenter!!! 3-D mascara and glorious face and eye primer, and the uplift eye serum, are the products that got me hooked! I became a presenter and continued to order until got the entire collection! All the eye shadows and skin care products in their entirety! I have the entire collection and I don’t think I will ever switch!!!!

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