Reflections, Inspiration and Thanks

Inspiration, connections, reflections and thanks. This morning I am reflecting on my journey this past few months. First, I am thankful for my renewed excitement for writing. I was feeling so stagnant for awhile – I guess not really creatively fulfilled – and so I was feeling a bit manic. And probably acting it too if you ask some of the people around me! My life has changed a bit over the past few years and some of the needs that I had fulfilled before with work I am getting fulfilled with my own daughters! So I want to be home more. I know that seems strange to say but since they are both growing into young women, we connect in different ways over our love of the arts (dance, music) and pretty things too (clothes, fashion, Pinterest, hair!). I remember years ago a friend telling me that even though your body ages, you still feel the exact same inside. Even though you have more experiences, at your core, you are the same person that you were when you were a teen. In many ways I still feel like a girl!! The stage that my girls are at is so fresh in my mind; grade 6-8….I can still remember things I thought, journals I wrote, songs I loved (hanging in someone’s basement slow-dancing to Synchronicity by the Police). We were at a dance convention this past weekend and I drove some other young women home (these girls are in 1st year University) and I soaked in their energy and enthusiasm. They are in the discovering stage – both girls eluded to the fact that they never knew what they didn’t know, which happens after taking a few months of University classes. I guess what my long-winded point is that sometimes we are searching for something: recognition in our work, fulfilment, creative inspiration etc. But if you take the time to absorb, reflect and be in the moment, those things are right there in front of you.

An old vision board of mine - I think it was 2011.
An old vision board of mine – I think it was 2011.

This past weekend my girls participated in the Triple Threat Dance Convention in Vancouver. This is a 2-Day convention that brings in well-known choreographers and basically the kids dance for two days straight. We participated once 3 years ago and they enjoyed it, but this time, they were very inspired. They came home and danced at night, despite sore feet and the 8am start time! I was inspired too – the energy was amazing for sure but it was truly some of the teachers and their style of instruction. Napoleon and Tabitha or NappyTabs choreograph for SYTYCD and there is a reason that they are so successful. The style of teaching was engaging and age appropriate – lots of jokes and analogies to describe moves. An example: ‘Get down and gritty like a gorilla, not like a cheerleader’! The breakdown really helped the kids catch on and apply it to try to master the moves. I felt so much appreciation for their teaching style (plus I am the queen of analogies so I really dug that!) and the fact that my kids came home jazzed about dance. When you spend oodles of $$ sending your kids to dance every night, sometimes you second guess whether it’s a good use of money and time. Honestly, becoming a successful dancer is kind of like winning the lottery. But this time I came away with the feeling like, yea, that was totally worth it. Seeing them feel inspired; that is a feeling that I have constantly been in search of myself.

Isabella and Chloe with Napolean and Tabitha, choreographers.
Isabella and Chloe with Napolean and Tabitha, choreographers.
Never give up an opportunity for a Selfie! Isabella with Napolean and Tabitha.
Never give up an opportunity for a Selfie! Isabella with Napolean and Tabitha.

Which brings me to my last rambling point. I have been working with Stella & Dot for 5 years. I just hit my 5 year anniversary of joining this past week. When I joined, I still had my boutique and was floundering trying to figure out how to make that work. Because I was an original stylist doing S&D, I was an early proponent of jewelry parties and the momentum that we now have in Direct Sales 5 years later. I saw a lot of women join and promote up the ranks quickly and I was slow and steady – like a marathon runner. I continued on with makeup and yet never quite felt successful at either job. About 18 months ago, I had to re-group and remind myself what my own personal goals were. Sometimes I wasn’t even sure! Makeup and hair has been a creative outlet for me – but my goal was never to become a Superstar-Artist working on Oscar-worthy productions (However a stint backstage at DWTS would be on my bucket-list!!!! Haha!). But what I have discovered and made peace with is that I may not fit into any mold – I am making my own!! I am a 42-year old educated mother and artist. My best asset to share is my experiences and inspiration. As my husband likes to say, I like to do things ‘my own-wrong-way’. But for me, it’s the right way! And I finally achieved a personal challenge on this marathon – I achieved Director at Stella & Dot. And I hope I have inspired some people along the way – I’m not the best sales coach – but I’m doing it my own way with a sprinkle of hot sauce on the side! I am thankful for all of the girls on my team and the inspiration I receive from them.

I hope this inspires you too!

Mom-selfie - a new Director, November 2013.
Mom-selfie – a new Director, November 2013.

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