Antique love. Bye-bye old Curio Shop….

Antiques are interesting. People either love them or hate them. If you hate them, usually it is because you don’t know how to find them or what to do with them. Or you relate them to just a bunch of old stuff. That smells like moth balls. And antiquing takes time and energy. It’s like shopping. You need to find the time to do it, and sometimes make a plan so that you don’t overspend or get overwhelmed (my problem!). But it can be fun too, especially when you find something really cool. However there are some services that now do this for you! More on that below…

King George Hwy Antique Curio Shop.
King George Hwy Antique Curio Shop.

But first, there is a really old Antique shop in White Rock/S. Surrey that is being demolished this week after 25 years. It was owned by a older man and he passed away earlier this summer. I used to go in there once an awhile when I was looking for objects or specific things to paint when I was working on Cityline. One time I went there with my friend and assistant to scope out two things: a Tiffany lamp and some framed mirrors. We drove up, parked and approached the door. This is a pretty old and dilapidated building in the middle of a suburban development.

If you look in the windows you can kind of see the hoard!
If you look in the windows you can kind of see the hoard!

When we opened the door, it literally just swung open and from the opening entrance on was stuff. Piles and piles of stuff. Glasswear, fireplace tools, carpets, and more and more piles with teacups balanced all over things. If you would have moved a little left or right or even sneezed too hard, the whole place could have come crashing down. This was pre-Hoarders on TV so I was seriously freaked out and didn’t know what to think. There was no searching that was going to be happening from me and my friend this Antique shop!!! But a voice called out from the back ‘Can I help you?’ and a woman came out in layers of clothes with a jacket and toque on (it was summer). I asked her if she had any lamps or mirrors and she said ‘Yes! Right back here….’ And then proceeded to shuffle around and move stuff and crap was falling everywhere. I was totally expecting a rodent to come scurrying out and then a big man with an axe! Of course that didn’t happen but it was super freaky-deeky and did sort of turn me off of antiquing for awhile. And I am sure it isn’t the only hoarder’s antique shop out there. But I did go back a few more times and I came to appreciate the weirdness of this space. I feel strangely sad that it is being demolished. Kind of a dying art, those kind of old curiously weird/wonderful antique shops. I even did a photo shoot out in front of this shop a few years ago. We only took a few pictures because the strange owners came out and started questioning what we were doing!!

Curio Photo Shoot 2011, photo by me!
Curio Photo Shoot 2011, photo by me!
Curio Shop Photo Shoot 2011
Curio Shop Photo Shoot 2011
Curio Shop Photo Shoot 2011
Curio Shop Photo Shoot 2011 – photography by me!
The Old Curio Shop is almost no more.....
The Old Curio Shop is almost no more…..

Since I have been reminiscing about the old Curio Shop, I started thinking more about antiquing. Jillian Harris of the Bachelorette and Love it or List it Fame, has started and antiquing company partnership called Charlie Ford Vintage. You may have seen it because there has been a lot of media around it, but the premise is that these gals curate antiques from a few of their sources and put it on their website. They sort of act like the ‘broker’ and use their media connections and social marketing to sell the product and then garner a percentage from the dealers. It is actually a smart business model because they aren’t re-buying and selling, so there is no inventory for them.

More from their website….

‘All of us at Charlie Ford Vintage have long been obsessed with all things vintage. We love beautiful delicate teacups, scuffed up serving spoons, historic art and tattered old books. We love fresh peonies in vintage milk jugs; we love droopy old crystal chandeliers; and we love the stories we will never know about the silverware, the old clock & the stunning Louis chair that inspired us to where we are today.  

Although we are firm believers that you can never have too much vintage, our houses are only so big! is a way for you to reap the benefits of our out-of-control vin-diction ( — n; the state of abnormal addiction to all things vintage).’

It doesn’t hurt that these gals are gorgeous and super photogenic and know how to put things together! Don’t you just want to emulate their style?

Charlie Ford Vintage
Charlie Ford Vintage

The other thing that they have done which is really smart, is started a Concierge Service. So if you are decorating for a client or even searching for a particular piece yourself, you can request them to source it out for you. I imagine there is an up charge for this, but it sure beats hunting down something in the disaster of the Curio Shop!

‘At Charlie Ford Vintage, we understand that it can be hard to find that perfect antique piece to tie a room together, especially if you have something specific in mind. Enter the FOUND FOR YOU! Concierge Service. Using our exclusive network of vintage and antique vendors, we can source your special item from shops across all of North America – instantly growing your reach without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

Let us find you that pre-loved gem you have been searching for. Simply click below to tell us what’s on your wish list, and we’ll find it for you (and pre-negotiate pricing) at absolutely no additional cost. It’s as easy as point, click, decorate!’

I found this ring on their site that reminds me of one my Dad had given to my Mom in the 1970’s…..I may have to gift it to myself for Christmas!

Sterling Silver & Lemon Citrine Ring c.1960's - $99
Sterling Silver & Lemon Citrine Ring c.1960’s – $99

xoxo Tata for today peeps!

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  1. The Old Curio Shop inspired us to do what we do today.
    It was est 1948 on King George Highway
    originating in England.
    For information on purchasing remaining contents please contact us asap.

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