10 Things I Learned from Blogging Bootcamp

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The Blogcademy Vancouver – photo by Teri Hofford Photography

As I reference in my earlier posts, last weekend I attended the Blogcademy Vancouver workshop. There were many learnings and takeaways! It was a stretch for me to attend the workshop as I had personal commitments that weekend, and the conference costs were not just a drop-in-the-bucket. However, I am glad that I put myself first.

Here are 10 things I learned from the weekend:

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1. Blogging = Time. 

Just like anything great that you want to achieve, blogging equals time. It will probably take you writing 500 posts until you really find your voice. It is easier to quit than it is to put in the work. If you end up quitting then you probably never really wanted it anyway!

2. Only posting about your own work is boring.

As interesting as you and your work may be, only posting about your own stuff does get a little boring. Updating your blog by making it an online portfolio isn’t really a blog…..it is an online portfolio! Make it interesting. Share other people’s posts, find some interesting articles to share and get creative with it. And an online portfolio is really just a website.

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3. Selfies are an art form

As I wrote about at the end of last year, selfies are here to stay. We received a book written by Sarah Sloboda in our Gift Bags, titled How to take a Good Selfie. Other than the obvious, what’s the point? What that tells me is that there are likely really helpful How-to’s that haven’t yet been created! Maybe something that you never have even thought of before! YOU are probably are more creative and artistic than you think….what can YOU teach someone?

Blogcademy Vancouver 2014
Blogcademy Vancouver – I love this photo because you can see I was soaking up the learning! Photo by Diane & Mike

4. Don’t use the same image across all social media platforms.

Social media platforms, whichever you use, are an extension of your brand. Posting the same photo to Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook is boring, and quite frankly, rather lazy. Perhaps your Pinterest followers are more interested in visuals, and your Twitter followers are more interested in the nuts and bolts of your business. Be thoughtful and take the time to post different things in different places.

5. You will Never please everyone.

There always will be some people that will make negative comments or not get you. You will never please everyone. Write to your audience. Find your rhythm, be true to your self, your sense of humour and your own voice. Fuck the haters.

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6. Don’t wait for Perfect.

It will never be perfect. Don’t wait for your design or content to be perfect to start blogging, as it will evolve as you evolve. Write for your audience (who is your audience?), and that may take time to flush out. Just do it. Get started and dive right in.

7.  Your Tribe is out there

Blogging can be solitary and it is exciting to see that you can create friendships and relationships, and businesses across continents! The Blogcademy gals all met online because they admired each other’s work….and now they are besties.

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8. You probably know more than you think you do….

If you aren’t a WordPress expert, or a Photoshop expert, you may think that you cannot be a blogger. You probably have read other blogs, and follow other experts on Facebook, Twitter etc. and you probably know more than you think. Honestly everyone has to start somewhere and time and patience will help you learn some of those little things that you didn’t know before.

9. Great photography is crucial

Beautiful images and great photography doesn’t mean buying a new $5000 camera (although that helps). There are many sites and photoactions that can help make your snapshots a bit better by amping up the colour or whatever. Original content is key and try to think of new and exciting ways to make something boring into a visual feast. 

Blogcademy Vancouver 2014, scarlett photo favourites
Blogcademy Vancouver – I love this photo because you can see I was so happy! Photo by Diane & Mike

10. Shauna Haider has the best makeup!

As a makeup artist, I couldn’t stop staring at one of the facilitator’s (Shauna’s) makeup. She is already a gorgeous gal, but that orange lipstick and coral shadow was to-die-for.

shauna lipstick, the blogcademy, scarlett musgins
Photo taken from Shauna’s website -http://nubbytwiglet.com

Have a happy weekend!

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10 things I learned from the Blogcademy, blogging bootcamp, blogging know-how

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  1. Wow, Scarlett! What a cool takeaway you got from the Selfies book. To me, that is far more valuable than learning how to take better self-snaps. I find it really rad that seeing it made you want to go out and bring what you have to bring to the world. I’m sure you are already doing that, and will do so even more!! Keep on!! xox

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