Books, Botox and why I tend to Over-share…

I realize that my blog has become a bit of me over-sharing about my life. Someone said to me ‘oh you are so open about things‘, but I have actually always thought of myself as kind of a closed person. I’m quiet in person if I don’t know you, and never really feel like I am the person that needs to be heard. At our latest SD conference, we were going through some questions with one of the leaders and most of them didn’t apply to me.

For example: When driving beside another car, do you have the inherent need to start racing them?

Me: ummm, nope! Not in the least. I’d probably slow down and let them in!

So what do I feel like, in this medium, I can share so much about myself?

I have always been an introverted-extrovert. Meaning that I am inherently introverted but I can be extroverted when I need to be. And I accept this about myself. I know a tonne of people but really just let a few people into my weird little world. I recently got a book called Strength Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath and did the 30 minute quiz to find out my strengths – and it was no surprise to me what my five strength categories were assessed as:


Strategic‘People who are especially talented in the Strategic theme create alternative ways to proceed. Faced with any given scenario, they can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues.’
Ideation‘People who are especially talented in the Ideation theme are fascinated by ideas. They are able to find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena.’
Intellection‘characterized by their intellectual activity. They are introspective and appreciate intellectual discussions’.
Relation – ‘…enjoy close relationships with others. They find deep satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal’.
Input – ‘…have a craving to know more. Often they like to collect and archive all kinds of information’.

Strengths Finder

In the book and in your assessment, it gives a detailed analysis of each theme and then ways for you to increase your awareness of your talents. The best part is the questions given to help you apply and leverage them. I was especially interested in this book and assessment because I think that I have a tendency to focus on what I am not good at or getting. And this way I can know that it is still okay to be creative and working in sales! But how can I do it better?I have never been particularly interested in coaching (part of my job) but this assessment tells me that I am a Relator; which gives me an alternative to use in my approach, rather than coaching –  how I can ‘relate’ better to those I am assisting. If you are into discovering a bit more about who you are and how you can leverage your strengths, I highly recommend this book. Even though I am only part way through, it has given me a positive outlook about how I can go forward in my work and the particular things that drive me.

On the topic of over-sharing, for my birthday last week, I decided to give myself the gift of Juvederm (injections in the face used for plumping lines). I had only intended to go for a consultation and see what the doctor had to say, but I came out with a face full of filler. Haha! Well not full, exactly, but I did get a little jig around my mouth in my ‘puppet-lines’ or as the doc calls them, ‘nasal-labial folds’. I had been thinking about it for a long while. After having lost 20+ lbs in the last couple of years, I had noticed that these lines were more pronounced than I would like them to be. But I really don’t want to look younger: I am proud of being 43. I’m proud of being a mother of a teenager! I find that the joy and happiness I feel inside doesn’t always translate in my face. I don’t want to look grumpy or tired. Because usually I am not. But my straight face sometimes has a tendency to look this way. Of course, I realize that we are always over critical of ourselves, however, catching my reflection in the car rearview mirror (this is always the worst place to see yourself in my opinion!) would reflect back a mood that I wasn’t always feeling (ie. sad, angry and tired). So that was really my motivation for looking into getting some fillers.

I have talked about Botox before and I have no problem with this whatsoever. I think Botox is a nice preventative way to relax the muscles in your face where you are carrying tension. I think the combination of Botox and my extremely oily skin has helped me not to wrinkle too much in the forehead and between the eyes (where people tend to carry tension). Usually if we have carried stress or had some kind of trauma in our lives, these become more pronounced. After the birth of my second girl 11 years ago, I really felt like the trauma of her birth, lack of sleep and gaining and losing 40lbs aged me in the face (even though I was only age 31). And this was around the time that I really started noticing that life’s ups and downs play into our face.

Anyway!! But I digress…..

My phone battery died right before I went into see the doctor so I couldn’t take any pictures of the process of the injections, which I wanted to do. However maybe this is a blessing or the universe’ way of telling me that Before and After’s are plenty! Plus, I took quite a few bruising pictures too, because I wanted to show the in-between stage. Excuse me for adding a filter to the bruising photo – it was just so ugly! A just-got-out-of-bed-with-no-makeup-on photo. It absolutely needed to be filtered if it was being posted!


In the After you can see some slight bruising on the left, however it was so red and ugly that I immediately went into Shopper’s Drug Mart and covered it up with concealer!

Ugly bruises, no makeup and just woke up....
Ugly bruises, no makeup and just woke up….I have to make this picture small because it’s so horrible!
5 days later - the Botox on my forehead that I got also had kicked in, so overall I am happy with the results.
3 days later – the Botox on my forehead that I got also had kicked in, so overall I am happy with the results.

So after all of these photos and oversharing about my experience, I can say that I am fairly happy with the results. Will I do it again? Botox, of course, yes. But Juvederm…. I am just not sure…..It definitely has made a difference that I can see. But I am not certain that it has eradicated the ‘grumpy-face’. Because now I am noticing a little down-turn at the corners of my mouth. It’s kind of like once you re-decorate the living room, the kitchen starts to look bad! And really, it isn’t really changing the aging process. But I do want to look the best I can for my age and where I am at.  I sometimes struggle with ‘wearing all of my experiences on my face’.

The Body Book

If you haven’t picked up this new book by Cameron Diaz, it is an amazing read about how to be your best self, aging gracefully and staying confident. I recommend it!

A makeup-less Cameron Diaz with her new book...
A makeup-less Cameron Diaz with her new book…

And with that, I am signing off. Happy Saturday!

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