*Happy thoughts* and Upcycled future projects!

I have been crazy-busy this week….don’t you hate when people say that?! Everyone is busy. Or if they really want to make it seem like they are busier than you are, they call it way-crazy-busy or super-crazy-busy.

However I have had a lot on the go and some unexpected little snags (can I post officially that I Hate Revenue Canada without them seeing it?) that have challenged my patience. I have had to do my square breathing methods more than once this week!

square breathing, anxiety techniques, coping with IBD
Square Breathing photo that I keep on my phone.

My girls have been participating at Peak Invitational dance competition all week, which I have been enjoying (something I am working on…*don’t get stressed out, its fun*). However, my hubby is away this week so meal coordination and getting the girls to different locations and different times, hair and makeup, plus doing my own work has been a challenge. So I have been reminding myself of Happy Things and blessings that I have in my life.

1. I am totally jazzed about the new Stella & Dot Spring Collection. I have been selling S&D for a long time (this is my 6th Spring Season #oldtimer) so I usually don’t get too excited about the jewels anymore, but the colours in this collection are really my style. I love the Rory necklace.

2. My girls love dance and are really good at it. I love seeing their growth in fitness, flexibility and their love of music.

My Cute Chloe-monkey in her Jazz costume
My Cute Chloe-monkey in her Jazz costume
Beautiful Isabella!
Beautiful Isabella!

3. I have been diligently working on our Upcycling Projects for OUR NEW ETSY SHOP coming soon! I have always had an affinity for upcycling….perhaps because we have a small home and I am always getting rid of stuff. So it is nice to be able to ReUse and RePurpose things into different uses. I had this poncho made for me by an artisan a few years ago and I still love it. This is part of my inspiration.

upcycling, prettypinteresting
Upcycling – the item that started my inspiration

Chloe is wearing one of my prototypes that I created last week to school today. We are seeing how it wears, if she likes the bulk of it and so on. I have many other pieces in various stations of production. I love posting photos of items on Facebook to get your Feedback too! If you want to place any comments below, that’s cool too *hint*!

Upcycled Scarf!
Upcycled Scarf!

And I am also working on some prototypes for Upcycling dance costumes! I know many people like me who have over 50-60+ costumes (!) hanging in the basement just begging to be re-used. You will have to stay tuned to see how these projects turn out.

upcycling, up cycling dance costumes, dance costume reuse
Upcycling Dance Costumes!

And of course, Chloe’s Knot Tangled bracelets, which she is continuing to plug away on….


up cycled charms, ribbon bracelets

4. And I am meeting with our accountant next week – so my Tax-hell-receipt sorting will be over. Something to be VERY HAPPY about!!!

5. Ummm, I just love Derek Hough. Everyone knows that. And he is going to be BACK on Dancing with the Stars this year. Yep. I am a dance mom who watches dance on TV, because I don’t get enough. Lol!

And here is the trailer for his new movie. Oh yea!

Cheers and Happy Friday!

xo S

2 comments on “*Happy thoughts* and Upcycled future projects!

  1. I have been meaning to tell you how much I absolutely LOVE the scarves…the one Chloe is wearing!!! I adore that they are made from “up cycled” materials and because I love scarves so much (in particular chunky warm ones!) these are just up my alley! If you need anymore prototype models I am in!!!
    ps….the poncho is cool as well…who made that??

  2. Hey Susan! Thanks for the comment I haven’t sewn for a long time so making protoypes has been cumbersome but fun too! I will definitely have you model one if u like – need the feedback!!The poncho was made by and artisan that I have lost track of….but we may make some of those too. Stay tuned!

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