Bye-Bye to the desert and Hello to Spring…

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Bye-bye to the Desert.

I heart you Palm Springs.

I really do.

But my skin is super dry and I need to make some money so it was time to come home. We had a great few days of sunshine and fun. But is becoming Spring finally on the West Coast and time to get back to it and embrace all things about Spring.

Moving? Are we or aren’t we. Still the million dollar question, to be answered soon (before the end of Spring!). I haven’t talked about it much on the blog, but I did have a business a few years back called Beautilicious. And it really was beautiful. A retail store with all things beauty. Not unlike Pretty Pinteresting but it was an actual physical boutique with cute beauty items and makeup and such. And I was reminded of it while we were in Palm Springs because we visited a cute boutique called Sinfulicious, which was full of cute body products only, you chose your own scents and colours and they custom mixed them for you right there. A very cute concept and the kids loved it. I got a perfume oil mixed with Black Raspberry Vanilla and Chocolate. It is absolutely divine and I cannot wait to wear it. It was busy in the boutique with lots of foot-traffic and they were selling products left and right. Which is exactly what I wanted my boutique to be! But it wasn’t really like that so I made the quick decision to pull the pin so as not to get my family into a deep financial mess. Agility they say, is the key to a good business-person….*smile*…. And I think that I saved myself years of heartache by making a decision to take losses early and switch gears (probably the best thing I ever did!). However, it did set us back a bit which is why making some moving decisions is more difficult.

beautilicious, scarlett musings
My beautiful boutique Beautilicious.
Sinfulicious Palm Springs, beauty products, palm springs boutique
Chloe having fun at Sinfulicious in Palm Springs
Sinfulicious, Palm Springs beauty, custom beauty products
Our Sinfulicious haul!

And another fun update, my friend Melissa at Grace and Lace, my first Mompreneur Monday post will be featured on Shark Tank tomorrow night, as an update!

grace and lace, grace and lace update, grace and lace shark tank, grace and lace shark tank update, grace and lace success
Grace and Lace update appearing on Shark Tank April 4th, 2014

I just got a great big package that I ordered from Grace and Lace and I cannot wait to wear some of my new pieces!

grace and lace, grace and lace spring, new goodies from grace and lace, shark tank update grace and lace, scarlett musings, pretty interesting
Grace and Lace goodies, yippee!

There are two pair of their new Spring Shorties, one for Isabella and one for ME! Do you think I am too old to wear these? I will post a pic of me in them soon, before my tan fades!!!!

grace and lace shorties, cream shorties, grace and lace, grace and lace shark tank
Cream Shorties! Just for young’uns or can 40-somethings rock these too?

Tata for today peeps and have a Happy Thursday!

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