I am Not a Professional Photographer. But I Can Visualize.

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I am a visual person.

I can’t read instructions.

Putting together an IKEA piece of furniture was lost on me until they made illustrations.

I can sew but reading a pattern…NOPE (I think because I am impatient!)

Needless to say Apple products are easy for me. But I find using a manual camera very difficult. However, I have a few cheat sheets from Pinterest in my camera role that help me remember what aperture and settings to use. On many occasions, I shoot on auto. And that works too.

I have always wanted to be a photographer. When I get the settings right, it can be magical. I often wish that I could just shadow a photographer for a few days and have them show me how to use the dials. I have looked at blogs and watched Youtube videos…but my attention span is short. Plus when you take the time, and then you are in the moment of shooting, it’s easy to forget what you’ve learned.

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A few years back, I made an effort to take some head shots of my family (Chloe took my photo) in some of the beautiful light in Palm Springs with the beautiful coloured backdrop at the Saguaro. A little post-production and…..Voila! I am very proud of my photos. Being able to visualize composition is something that I know that I am good at. Thanks to Dina Stoddard of Klutch Photography for some tips about photography via conversation on Facebook.

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Beautiful Isabella!

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Isn’t my Chloe-monkey a little devil!

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My husband needed a new profile pic – so handsome and tanned!

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I love these colour combinations…

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My photo by Chloe

teen portrait, pretty interesting, scarlett artist, makeup for teens, pretty interesting, palm springs saguaro

Chloe – so serious but cute.

portrait colour, stella & Dot summer, scarlett makeup, pretty interesting

My-checking-the-light-photo – by Chloe

I was inspired by a post by Kat Williams of the Rock n Roll Bride who did a post with some stunning visuals from this same hotel. I have been following her blog for a few years now, and I am always especially inspired by the visual aspect of her blog. I am inspired by colour and particularly beautiful photography and her blog always has a tonne of that.

I met Kat finally at the Blogcademy Workshop that I attended in 2014. I learned so much about blogging – and I realized that one of the things I loved about the Blogcademy gals, is that they all have visually stunning websites, which is what I am completely enamoured by. I have had many incarnations of websites over the years, and yet, I am never completely happy with where I am at. When you are not making a full-time income from blogging, investing a large sum in web design, isn’t a smart move – hence I’ve been DIY-ing it all of the way along.

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I collect inspiration for Blogging, because I am a completely visual person, via Pinterest. I have all types of pins on that board, some of my own and some others, and it has become a place that I continually go back to for inspiration.

What do you use to keep yourself inspired? How do you use and find photos for your online presence?

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