Sometimes you just have to Follow Your Gut…

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Follow your gut, pretty interesting, scarlett musings, palm springs 2014Sometimes we are presented with situations in life that are complex, and yet, without hesitating, you almost have to go with your first instinct – your gut feeling. I have spent many times pondering things, going over scenarios in my head and over-thinking situations. Lately I am trying to go with my first instinct…..follow your gut! Follow. Follow! FOLLOW your gut!

A good friend and I were having a conversation yesterday about age and long hair. She said her MIL made a casual remark to her kids about my friend ‘getting too old for long hair’ (totally not the case BTW!). We both think that this is sort of a generational stereo-type….our mother’s demographic felt old at age 40. And for us, 40 is just getting to the good stuff. Who turns 40 and then immediately feels that they need to start cutting their hair shorter to match their age? Not me for sure. Not Demi Moore, Sheryl Crow and plenty of people in the spotlight. For me this is a classic, follow-your-gut type of scenario. If your hair starts to feel like a witch (grey and straggly!), then it probably looks a bit witchy too. However, if you feel pretty and happy, your have to go with your gut.

On that note, I haven’t cut or done anything new with my hair for awhile? Is it time for a big change for me? Hmmmm…..

I say the same thing when talking to my Stella & Dot team members about choosing new samples for their displays….go with your gut feeling. After 10+ seasons of Stella & Dot, I usually go exactly with what my gut tells me when a new collection comes out. Sometimes I end up adding a few more pieces as the season goes on, or as I hear our Chief Creative Officer explain behind the design….but generally I go with what my initial reaction is and purchase samples accordingly. Because that is what all of you, my customers, do too. If my initial reaction is that that necklace seems chunky, or masculine, (or ugly!) then that is what I go with….and I am generally not wrong!


I had another sort of uncomfortable bit-of-a-life-scenario recently that challenged some decisions I had made. All of a sudden, I was doubting what I felt and how I was going to proceed. However, I made those decisions based on past circumstances and most importantly, really, my own gut feelings. It is super important to go with your first instinct. I have made a lot of decisions in the past, based on input that I have received from others. Now I try to go with my first impression, then perhaps weigh in with others to get their opinion. Don’t you find it frustrating when you watch the Bridal Dress shows on TLC and the bride takes in her whole extended family and they end up crapping all over the dress that she really loves? I hate watching that! The poor bride starts questioning her own initials feelings that she had when she put the dress on! I find that super frustrating to watch…..I want to scream at the TV – Go with your Gut girlfriend!!!

I am working hard at creating a brand for myself with this Blog, my online profile, and essentially, how I do business. It all comes back to answering the question: “Does this speak to me and the things that I love….pretty things, good design, fabulous colours and things that make you feel good? And also, most importantly, reads authentically and aligns with my core values?”

I have applied for a scholarship to attend the upcoming Blogcademy workshop in Vancouver (or Calgary) in June by Visualizing my Life and what I want to accomplish (in the near future!) through Pinterest. If you have the time and inclination, pop over to my Pinterest Board and like and re-pin, ok? Thanks in advance for your support.

And thanks to my real peeps for all that you do for me! You know who you are 🙂

dreams into plans, pretty interesting, scarlett musings, blogcademy, stella & Dot success

6 comments on “Sometimes you just have to Follow Your Gut…

  1. Great blog today Scar!! I am a FIRM believe in listening to your gut…although I have ignored it in my past as well and I have gone down some difficult roads because of that! I am also still rocking the long hair…although at times I think “maybe I should get a grown up haircut”…lol…btw….LOVE that pic of the girls…it says a TON!

  2. Great post!! Trusting my gut is one of the lessons I have learned in the past but have to constantly remind myself to do! Funny I should read this today…;)

  3. Hi Scarlett,

    You are spot on! Go With Your Gut, always!

    I, too, was told when I turned 40 that I was too old to have long, blonde hair by a friend who was a couple years younger than me and had short hair.

    My hair is longer today.


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