UPDATE: Need a gift? Cute, fashionable gifts for CHEAP!

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Cute fashionable gifts for CHEAP are sort of hard to find. I used to rely on Oprah’s favourite things from her magazine or other sources like that but often they are too pricey! Often my SD friends and leaders are looking for good ideas for our team incentive gifts, customer gifts because, hey, that’s what we do. We specialize in cute, fashionable stuff! I love searching online for great gifts but summer has made it harder to blog with such great weather, and kids at home. But today I have had the day all to myself with kids at my cousin’s house. Oreos and coffee for breakfast for me and lots of time to look online for cute things! Some favourite things that I am TOTALLY digging for my small business and myself: Adorably Simple Design – even though I already sell jewelry, I have to recommend these cutie-patootie rings from Courtney Williams on Etsy. I love how simple and small they are and that you can customize them! They would make great team gifts or even something that you can layer with your Stella & Dot jewelry. LOVE THESE!

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adorably simple design, scarlett pretty interesting, fabulous team gifts fro direct salesUPDATE: And these two picture below! I mislabeled them before! Sorry Courtney! But they would work WELL with Adorably Simple Designs!

These next two are from EEDesigns – also on Etsy!  Elizabeth Scott Designs has been doing jewelry full-time since 2006. Her work has been featured in both magazines and blogs. A few examples are Lucky magazine, designs ponge, and Southern Lady. adorably simple designs, direct sales team gifts, cute gifts, scarlett musingsadorably simple design, pretty interesting, scarlett musings, great team gifts for direct sales teams These are literally the cutest rings ever!

The Print Mint – These little stamp ideas are literally the most original ways to make stamps for your catalogues. sticky labels are time consuming and waste too much printer ink…..you could have one of these made and stand out from your competitors. I love some of the original designs here from artists Nicole and Shelley. etsy shop the print mint, pretty interesting, scarlett musings

the print mint, scarlett musings, pretty pinteresting

Studio Gold – Have you seen the latest trend in temporary tattoos? They aren’t black and garish, but sparkly and pretty. I love these layered with existing jewelry….and what a special way to adorn yourself on a night out. When you sell jewelry like I do and attend special company events, there is always a desire to do something just a little bit different to stand out from the sea-of-sameness! Everyone is wearing the same jewelry! And it is true that women dress for women. These cute little tattoos are the bomb and really priced well too. studio gold etsy shop, cute temporary tattoos, direct sales team gifts, temporary tattoos, cute gifts, studio gold, etsy shops TEMPORARY TATTOOS, studio gold, etsy shop Lucy Snow Design – I have been having a love affair with Lucy Snow Designs for awhile now. As I decorate our new home, albeit very sloooooowlllly, I am constantly searching for pieces that are mid-century modern, yet still in bright saturated colour (that is where I want to go with my decor, we will see how it goes). I have loved this image for a long while, that I saw a long long time ago but didn’t realize that Lucy Snow was the artist. lucy Snow design, doggie vogue, scarlett musings, pretty interesting I love the orange and blue together in this selection of images. And I love that you can curate your own set of four by choosing the ones you love. lucy snow designs, swimmer, mid-century modern, scarlett musings lucy snow design, pretty pinteresting, lucy snow designs, mid-century modern, scarlett musings, pretty pinterestingA set of four prints is $80….a lovely gift and something that someone who has an appreciation for art would really enjoy. MyanSoffia Designs – On the subject of photography, another artist that I have following for a bit is Myan Soffia. I have a Los Angeles fantasy – somehow as a little girl growing up in the Prairies, LA seemed like the land of dreams and beauty. Colourful places and movie stars – I had plenty of dreams of moving there. And I still love some of the iconic places, and these photos make delicious art that feed my dreams. etsy shop, LA dreams, scarlett musings dreams of LA, beautiful photography, scarlett musings, pretty pinteresting los angeles dreams, etsy shop, pretty pinteresting Michelle Dwight – “Every day I’m hustling”….and I am! Literally been doing it for the past 6 years. Love all of the new graphic t-shirts and phrase-laden-items out in the market right now, but these are especially cute. And true! etsy shops, scarlett curations,pretty pinteresting etsy shop, scarlett musings, pretty interesting Have you come across some cute cheap finds that are good gifts or are you an Etsy shop owner starting out? There are lots of ways to market your business, but recommends are a good one. Message me: I’d love to feature you. Tata for now besties!

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