Trend Watch: Big butts and virgins….what?!

big buttsBig butts are everywhere! They are the new accessory of the rich and famous, like breast implants were in the ’90’s. All of the girls with big butts are happier than ever because now they are in style. Who would have ever thought that juicy butts would become the latest stylish fashion accessory? I can tell you that the 15 or so lbs I have gained over the past few months don’t seem so bad now that I see big butts trending all over social media! I just opened up Gala Darling‘s Things I love Thursday post which led off with the most amazing big butt photo. And it made me laugh out loud. Always right on trend, my internet-friend Gala! Did you watch the MTV VMA’s on Sunday night? Nicky Minaj, Iggy Azalea…these girls make J-lo and Kim Kardashian look like flat-assed little twerps!

Like for real, I know the VMA’s are supposed to be controversial and pushing the envelope. But there was a lot of same-same with all of the big butts going on and being featured in every performance!

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Big Butt Face – No pun intended. From Gala’s post….I can’t take credit for finding this one!

Lordy, well what can I say! As a mother I can definitely tell you that I am happy that it isn’t all about the skinny-minis on all of the websites and apps that my girls follow. There seems to be a trend towards extreme though – either big butts and big voices, or the other extreme which is the chaste and conservative kind, like the 19 Kids and Counting girls. Now not to say that I don’t like the idea of courting to some degree, however when I saw that one of the newly married Duggar girls was now expecting, after just about 6 or 8 weeks of marriage, I couldn’t help but feel a little sad. She has hardly had time to explore her sexuality. The poor kid goes from a Capital V, virgin to pregnant. In my opinion, it’s kind of like your whole identity is based around being a virgin and then that’s ripped away from you and now everyone knows you are humping like rabbits. It just seems a little extreme. And personally I am more of a shades of grey kind of person – just not so black and white! But extreme seems to be the way as of late! At least when it comes to trending on social media!

I will end this post with a little #TBT throwback to when I was embracing my own ‘big butt’ at various weights…. photo by my talented friend Cathy Empey.


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2 comments on “Trend Watch: Big butts and virgins….what?!

  1. The only issue is…the pictures here representing “big butts” are not big; in fact, they are quite the opposite. So if “that” is a “big butt” what size is mine….ENOROMOUS? HUGE? This trend, with images like that is only further attacking my self esteem 🙁

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