You won’t believe what I was called the other day!

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Phone case by LuxyLoli and rings by Stella & Dot

And it wasn’t Scarlett with an ‘e’ even though that is truly a pet peeve of mine (pay attention people!)…

I have been teased by a number of friends, my cousin, my husband,  and even my kids (!) over my new phone case! I love it and love sparkle! Maybe I was a magpie in a former life  – not sure why magpies are known to like sparkly things, but they do for some reason, and so do I. I have always been attracted to glittery things – I wore my mom’s chandelier earrings with rubber boots when I was 6 years old! I love it and just am attracted to it. So when I saw Gala‘s phone case at Blogcademy in June, I was smitten. Not just with the colours but also with the artistic part of it – very carefully put together and since I kind of am a DIY-crafty girl, I wanted one too!

So since I have been teased with being called a closet-teenaged-Asian-girl by my people here ( I say that with all respect, since I am a 40+ year-old-Caucasian-from-the-prairies-woman), I thought I would do a little research into this style. Luxyloli, the artisan who created my case for me, lists a lot of her pieces on her site as Decoden: after a little research I learned that the word Decoden or Dekoden refers to “deco” ( short for decorated, not art deco) and “den” is short for “denwa” meaning “phone” in Japanese [via DannyChoo]. The decoden style also decorates more things like laptop cases and NAILS! Hello! I have seen entire Pinterest boards dedicated to Decoden nails.

I have ALWAYS been a big Gwen Stefani fan – I love her style and was especially into her Harajuku girl influence in the early 2000’s . Not to say I was influenced literally by going and dressing all Harajuku or anything – however I have always been inspired by a variety of influences, albeit brightly decorated ones, and so is the ever-cool-girl-never-ages-a-day-Gwen. Did you see her look at the VMA awards? Totally age appropriate yet cool-girl-to-the-max. She looked a lot better than most of the girls that were half her age.

So some have argued that this phone case is just a little tacky – well who defines tacky, right? Honestly, it just puts a little pep in my step and joy in my day. I LOVE looking at it and seeing the different little faces and cute pieces that have been carefully put together. And it is thick and secure and protects my phone well.

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Quite the conversation starter too, don’t you think?!

You can buy your own phone case and have it customized to your favourite colours and interests by Clicking HERE.

 All of the beautiful photos of my phone case by Deb Brown Photography

One comment on “You won’t believe what I was called the other day!

  1. I like sparkly things too, but I just cannot get on board with that phone case. But that is ok. YOU are unique and YOU love it – that is all that matters!!

    PS; GREAT grab em title for this post!!

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