Nothing Haunts Us Like the Things We Didn’t Buy!

nothing haunts us like the things we didn't buy

Nothing haunts us like the Things we didn’t buy

I can remember boots from 10 years ago that I wanted sooooo bad and then passed up for one reason or another. Every time I put on an outfit that needs boots, I think about them. Sometimes shopping for clothes can be kind of a crap shoot  – you might get it home and never wear it because the fabric is itchy, or it feels awkward or it reminds you of that one time that you wore it and it wasn’t a good memory. But if you didn’t buy it, it is easy to think of ‘what could have been’. It’s like that one person you never dated but wanted to: you can’t stop thinking about them because there was never closure.

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Vignettes from my new home, including Isabella’s dresser, my office desk, front door, dining room fixture and kitchen counter!

It is the same with decor: I wanted this particular chaise lounge around 2 years ago, and now the store is gone and I have no idea where to find one similar. It is so frustrating when that happens. Everyone thinks that because I am a trained interior designer, I know exactly where to get great furniture and how to set up a room, but it’s not just about that. I think that while it is nice to set up your home just so, with the right furniture, accessories, etc. but actually your home is like a living being: it is never really finished. And it shouldn’t be.

As you change and your needs change and you are doing different things, pieces come and go out of your life. Of course if you have kids, this happens naturally with some pieces. It is really okay, even necessary I think, to get rid of pictures and artwork and change things up – follow the example of Mr. Kate, DIY on a budget. Move them around. Paint the walls! Great art will look great forever, but maybe it needs to be featured differently or in a different room.

A family member of mine  has moved many times over the past 30 years or so, and in every home, hangs the exact same picture over the mantle, or behind the sofa. And its not even that nice of a painting! Change it up, move things around. Styles change in decor also. I love some of these new decor ideas from Tiffany Pratt.

maria killam, maria killam house, scarlett musings, scarlett designer
Maria Killam’s Home as featured in the magazine Small Spaces Big Ideas

My friend Maria Killam, that I met many years ago when we both worked in the paint industry, is now an established Colour Professional with a fabulous blog, ebook and thriving design and colour consulting business – she consults internationally too via Skype for all of you that may be interested. The image above of her home that was recently published  in a magazine features a fabulous piece of art of the girl in the pink dress on the upper right….and then further down in Maria’s Blog post , she posted another image of one of her previous homes, that shows the same piece of art.

maria killam, kensington home, pretty interesting, scarlett designer

It does look much better in the professionally shot photo above because the colour pops, however., that aside, this is a fabulous piece, and clearly one that  has meaning.  I love that she has used in a different way in her new home. Some things are meant to stay and some things are meant to go, but just like with clothes, don’t get stuck in your old ways!

I’ve thought often about reaching out to Maria to perhaps do some kind of project together, as I admire her greatly, and we really do go waaaayyyy back. She’s bossy and bold and has very definite opinions about things, as do I. I don’t know exactly what it might look like yet, but stay tuned for some possible updates of some kind of collaboration between Maria and I in the future….design and colour are beautiful things….and when two opinionated girls who are totally opinionated about colour and style in many different mediums get together….watch out!

sid dickens, midnight collection, pretty interesting, scarlett musingsI have been a Collector of Sid Dickens tiles for a long time. I don’t even remember how I first fell in love with them, or how I found them, I just know that I started collecting maybe 12-14 years ago. Since the advent of social media, I found out more about Sid and his process and have even been to his studio for a warehouse sale. Recently I posted my collection – which I have finally hung in my new house, and have done them in groupings in different spots this time – on Instagram, and I was pleased to see that Sid Dickens’ social media people re-posted. I felt like a celebrity.

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After hanging all of my tiles, I am thrilled that I have a few spots to fill in with more of Sid Dickens’ tiles (and I am going to make a few new spots too!). I am going to purchase a piece from his Limited Edition Midnight Collection, And perhaps also the tile called Transformation, which benefits Breast Cancer Awareness during the month of October.

sid dickens tiles, vancouver artist, scarlett musings, transformation for breast cancer

Transformation is good! Transform your home, your style, your lives! Nothing haunts us worse than the pieces we didn’t buy!

Cheers, and Happy Monday 🙂

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