Get Your Sexy on: Boudoir Tips for YOU!

boudoir surrey photography, deb brown photography, boudoir photos, scarlett makeup artist
boudoir surrey photography, deb brown photography, boudoir photos, scarlett makeup artist
The beautiful Miss SC – she knows how to work the camera!

Over the years, I have worked with a number of different photographers – both as a model and a makeup artist. There is a certain magic that happens before, during and after a photo shoot – both for Boudoir Photos or Fashion Portraits. In the beginning, the woman being photographed, even if she is a model, is usually nervous, a little skittish, talking a lot, and feeling insecure. Myself included! There is something about going in front of the camera that brings out our vulnerabilities and insecurities. As a makeup artist on a shoot, I talk a lot, make dumb jokes, gossip a little, try to give tips, and generally try to make the client comfortable. I often get asked personal questions like about what makeup I use, if I use Botox, or how to get rid of facial hair or some equally usually-taboo topic – working on someone in their personal space brings out a certain trust!

All women of all ages have nerves – and I have met a lot of different women that have chosen to do Boudoir photos for a variety of reasons. The most common ones I have come across are a 40th Birthday celebration, a big weight-loss or other big life event like marriage or divorce, or a new man in their life. Some women just want to feel sexy for themselves! Unfortunately, often times when our bodies are at our best, in our teens and 20’s, boudoir seems creepy or weird! It’s only after we have had some major life event or epiphany that we choose to look and feel sexy at the age we are.

Deb Brown Photography, white rock surrey boudoir, scarlett makeup, pretty pinteresting makeup
Beautiful tattoos on miss SW – great physique, gorgeous girl!

This past weekend, I had the chance to work with my friend Deb Brown from Deb Brown Photography on a Boudoir marathon. Each girl getting photos done had different reasons for participating. Deb did an indoor shoot, and provided a variety of props and used natural lighting for shooting. For Boudoir makeup, I generally like to go with a darker more smoky eye, and lighter lip. But I really go with each person’s preference. In the photos, you can see that the makeup just looks soft and sexy, however in real life the makeup can look like a tonne more than everyday makeup! It is always a bit nerve-racking for me when someone first sees themselves – as makeup for photography, especially if you aren’t use to it, can look more drag-queen-ish!

Deb Brown Boudoir, scarlett Makeup, pretty interesting, boudoir Surrey White Rock BC

deb brown photography, scarlett makeup, white rock surrey boudoir
Miss SC – Sexy and saucy, killer eyes and always fun to work with!

Here are my Top Tips for any woman who is interested in getting Boudoir/Fashion Photos done:

  • Eat light the day before your session. Helps to keep you feeling good and not too bloated.
  • Collect images you like on Pinterest. Sometimes when you are in your skivvies, or feeling vulnerable, you forget to tell your photographer or artist that you really want an image like X or you really want to try red lipstick. Use Pinterest to collect thoughts and invite us to see your Pinterest Board. Visuals help to convey your vision.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water before and during your session. Snacks like nuts and protein bars are good too. Don’t drink too much alcohol the night before! (I’ve made that mistake myself!).
  • Shave all the little bits. Enuf said! Well one more thing: if you wax, do it a week before so any redness is gone.
  • Clean hair and face. Most hair and makeup artists prefer a clean palette….we can ‘dirty’ your hair up with product.
  • Bring some different outfits!  If you aren’t a sexy lingerie girl, that’s okay! Bring a white tank top and boy shorts, or just a crinoline skirt or a fancy scarf. There are lots of poses that can be shot with just props. Sometimes these turn out to be better than the ones where you wore your Agent Provocateur undies!
  • End the day with a night out! You will have your hair and makeup done – book a date night or something else since you are going to be looking fabulous!
  • Trust us! Do your homework…choose a makeup artist and a photographer that you trust, then let them do their thing. It is a win for all of us when the photos turn out great.


deb brown photography, pretty interesting  makeup, scarlett makeup, deb brown photography
Absolutely stunning!
Deb Brown Photography, scarlett makeup, pretty pinteresting makeup, boudoir white rock surrey bc
Ir you aren’t naturally tanned, lots of lotion or a spray tan can also make your skin glow!

Are you ready for your Boudoir photos? For more information on Upcoming Boudoir Marathons, message me HERE!  I would love to do your hair and makeup and bring out YOUR sexy bombshell!

Deb brown photography, scarlett makeup, pretty interesting, boudoir photos
Fashion portrait of me by Deb Brown Photography.

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