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trend report, pretty interesting, scarlett musings, beautigurl, beautigurlz
trend report, pretty interesting, scarlett musings, beautigurl, beautigurlz
I love this image of some of my favourite books! A writer for Stimuli magazine just asked me what one of my faves was! Click HERE to read which one…

I have always loved researching and talking trends – in fact, it is something that I regularly used to do at my job with Benjamin Moore. In that arena, we were always sourcing  and tracking colour trends and my team belonged to the Color Marketing Group, which back in the day, was like the governing body of trend information. I actually remember going to my first conference with them in Palm Springs in 1999 and one of the trends that was talked about at the conference was that everyone would have cell phones in the future! I find this totally hilarious now for a few reasons: the Color Marketing Group, while still around, used to be the only way the professionals could come together and talk trends within their particular fields. And second: because it came true, but seemed absurd at the time! Now, I haven’t been to a conference for many years, but essentially almost anyone can find anything online and other people to commiserate about trends with online. So if you are so inclined, trend reports are definitely not so secret or dictated by one governing body anymore.

So I thought I would round up a few trends, as relating to my audience, which are mostly women (I think ALL women?!) who may or may not have kids – specifically teens or young adults in their lives. It is up to us to be versed in what these kids of ours are doing and saying. We don’t want to become our parents…aka, my mom in the 1980’s –  ‘That Madonna is such a bad influence in her cone bra and lingerie’ – Lol!

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BAE – Have you heard this one yet? Apparently it is actually getting old now….’It’s soooo 2014’…But what it means is that BAE is used as sort of a short form of ‘Baby’. And it is an acronym too – Before Anyone Else.  Now that I have made you aware of it, you will see it ev-ery-where!!

In a sentence: She’s my bae, I don’t know what I would do without her.

SLAY – This one means you Totally succeeded at something. Or you Killed it….you Slayed it. One of our senior dancers said this to me at a dance convention, ‘He totally Slayed it’ and I thought she said ‘He is so gay’. Duh!

In a sentence: Taylor’s new album slayed.

THE STRUGGLE IS REAL – A somewhat ironic and catty way to say ‘first world problems’ which is something that people MY AGE say.

In a sentence: Isabella: I had to walk to school today because my mom couldn’t drive me.  Chloe: The struggle is real. 

LUH – Another lazy phrase, as it is just a short form of the word Love. I Luh You. Apparently it means more than ‘like’ but not as much as ‘love’.

In an sentence (or more like an Instagram comment): Gul (Girl), you know I luh ya! 

ON FLEEK  – It means Fresh! Or when something is going right or perfect, it’s on point.

In a sentence: Isabella: Wow, I love her new shoes! Chloe: Ya they are really on fleek.

And there you have my Trendy-Word-Phrase round up! If these seem Ridic (short form of ridiculous, which is another made famous by the Kardashians) then you are in the right age group to be reading this post. Ha!

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