I got Mean-Girled and it felt like Crap!

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“Your acts of kindness are iridescent wings of divine love, which linger and continue to uplift others long after your sharing.” – Rumi

My youngest daughter is an aspiring performer, or aspiring Pop-Star, as she likes to say, and has an Instagram account where she just posts singing videos of herself singing covers of pop songs. While I don’t let my kids have public Instagram accounts for their personal use, I let her have a public one for this account, figuring that I would monitor frequently. By having a public account, anyone can see it, including maybe kids that don’t like you and have a tendency to leave mean, or as they say now, ‘hater’-type comments. As much as I try to monitor it, amongst the other 5000 things that I am doing, it isn’t top priority most days. What that means that sometimes mean comments are posted and she sees them before I do and her feelings are hurt. As a mother you never want to see your kid hurt…but I realize that this is a part of life; bullying happens and there are haters out there, especially when you put yourself out there publicly. I have struggled with letting her continue with it, or taking it down. However, she is a tough little cookie and seems to take it in stride, even much better than I do!

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I’ve been mean-girled a few times since starting this blog – my opinions are out there to be commented on, however some people have taken it a little far and been downright mean. Even more recently, I was deleted from some Facebook groups – which I took rather personally! I don’t see myself as threatening or even super vocal in these groups, but apparently someone else thought differently. I’ve had to spend some time reflecting on why this is bothering me, and I think it is because deep down, we/I want to be liked/loved. However, sometimes these things aren’t personal, it is rather just not a fit anymore. And that’s okay. So this is something that I have tried to turn into a lesson for myself AND my girls:

You Are NOT defined by your online presence, how many LIKES you get, or how long it takes to get them. It is about WHO you are inside and projecting that goodness and KINDNESS to others.

What a lesson for an almost-44-year-old-women: it is just as relevant for me right now as it is for my teenage daughters!

glada darling, radical self love bootcamp, pretty pinteresting,

On that note, I think many women, like myself, need to practice Radical Self-Love. We all need to be reminded and put into practice, loving ourselves for who we are and therefore going on to live our best lives as our best selves. I met Gala Darling last year at the Blogcademy Vancouver, and I admire her no-bullshit approach and affinity for magic.

Click Here to learn more about her newly-released Radical Self-Love Bootcamp.


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