Lose the Booze: 30 Days No Vino

I had an amazingly fun Prosecco-filled New Year’s Eve with friends. And then a not-so-amazing-major-headache-and-gut-pains on January 1st.  After all of my jeans not buttoning up at the waist for the second half of 2014, I decided to go wine-free, actually alcohol free – for the month of January. I have put on some weight over the past year and since January is a time of new beginnings, I decided to abstain completely for the month. It doesn’t seem like a big deal , except I really enjoy my Friday night (and Saturday night, and maybe Monday and Thursday night!) cocktail hour. And I imagine that this is the single most thing contributing to my weight gain around my middle.

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I may be switching to Vodka soda with mint in the future….


So the first week, I didn’t even miss it. At all. That is probably because it took that week to recover my internal ecosystem from a night of too much booze. The second week was also pretty good – I didn’t really miss it. Then it was my birthday and we usually go to the Keg for dinner to celebrate (the only time we ever go to the Keg). Normally I would have wine for dinner and some kind of specialty martini for dessert. I kinda missed it that time, but since we had so much food, and the service was sort of slow that night, I was ready to leave by the end of the meal and stopped caring.

So then I was three weeks in. That Friday night I really wanted a glass of wine…I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. And maybe that could be attributed to  a little boredom (which I talked about it my post, Moderation Management). But after the cocktail hour passed and we had a meal and settled in for the night due to an upcoming early morning Saturday, I was sort of over it. The following night was the same: I had a super long day at a dance dress rehearsal, so was really craving wine, but fought that feeling and got over it and then no longer missed it.

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Christmas shots, and boy were they good.

It’s amazing what your willpower will do for you – I finally had wine this past Friday – two glasses. It really tasted lovely and I savoured every sip! But I woke up in the night thirsty and definitely felt it in my gut the next day. So much so, that I decided it’s time to get back on losing the booze for February. Oh and my favourite bonus of it all is that my jeans aren’t so tight now! Woohoo! alcoholics, moderation management, scarlett musings

And I heard last week about the Lose the Booze Campaign for the BC Cancer Foundation. It is a 28-Day Alcohol Free challenge to raise money for cancer. I haven’t yet officially signed up because I will either join a team or create a team.

Who is interested in joining me? Comment below!

lose the booze, scarlett musings, pretty pinteresting


2 comments on “Lose the Booze: 30 Days No Vino

  1. I’m in, we (hubby & I) are starting a day late due to the SuperBowl but we’re definitely in. We actually decided this yesterday morning & I’m glad we’re doing it together. I know it will be challenging as I enjoy my wine with dinner often but I know it will be so worth it. Now my challenge did you Scarlett, get out & walk (or run even!) with me a couple days a week 🙂

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