I’m a little bit Chubby, and I am not apologizing!

Scarlett Ballantyne, bright photography

Life has it’s ebbs and flows, and I have enjoyed the last year or two immensely. A new home, new work and basically aligning all of my past experiences and channelling all new things in my life. In January I did a month of Moderation Management, and because I changed my habits, I basically took that right through the rest of these last six months.

However, even though I gave up my weekly wine, I am still a little bit chubby.

And more recent pictures really show me that my pants and shorts from last summer aren’t fitting for a reason.

I’ve gained a few lbs. Maybe more than a few!

Scarlett Ballantyne, bright photography
By Bright Photography at the Vancouver Mom Blog Awards.

But I am not apologizing!

It isn’t forever! I know this! As someone that has lost and gained a significant amount of weight (30-ish lbs) a few times, I know that it will come off again. At least I think so.

However with the summertime ahead, it’s really time for me to get outside and make some significant changes exercise-wise. It is just not my nature to be as connected with myself physically, but I am challenging myself to be more aware of it and consistent with activity.

But my imperfections, while sometimes a struggle for me personally, I am hoping will┬áinspire you to accept yours too. It’s not that bad.

Being a little chubbier isn’t holding me back.

Scarlett Ballantyne, bright photography Vancouver Mom Top 30
Photo by Bright Photography at the Vancouver Mom Top 30 Blogger Awards – Dress by Cherry Velvet.

So a *clink* to you with my wine glass (even though mine is cut with soda water), and I hope you are having an awesome summer, whether you are a little chubbier or skinnier.

Don’t apologize.


5 comments on “I’m a little bit Chubby, and I am not apologizing!

  1. Girl, you look great! I don’t see an ounce of chub on you!
    Plus, who is society to tell what’s counted as chubby and what’s not anyways?!

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