How to make YOUR Interior Decor go from Good to Great

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My new Original art piece, a print by local artist, SuZenMaureenArt

Anyone can Decorate their home in a matchy-matchy style. It’s like purchasing an outfit on a mannequin that is already accessorized (and I have done that before!). You can head over to the nearest home decor store, and buy the exact vignette that they have coordinated on display. Or purchase a magazine or find a look on Pinterest and style your accessories exactly like you see in the photo.

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Vignettes – this was taken shortly after we moved last year, and includes, Isabella’s dresser, my office desk, front door, dining room fixture and kitchen counter.

Anyone can do that. Honestly, they really can. And while its nice, it generally feels boring and vacant. Not lived in, interesting or GREAT!

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An old Benjamin Moore Colour Card I styled rooms for…

I spent a number of years styling Interior Spaces for colour cards and photo shoots. It’s pretty easy to make a room set look great when you are starting from point zero, and you can purchase everything new that matches and works together. While those spaces are aspirational, generally they are not realistic. Every person I have every done any interior design or styling for has challenges – the old chair that was handed down from a relative or the painting that was given as a wedding gift that you need to work into your space. Sometimes it is more difficult like working around fixed surfaces; the kitchen cabinets that are yellow-oak and you can’t afford to replace them. There are plenty of challenges that the average person has when it comes to Interior Decorating.

But I am going to tell you Secret! How you can make any Interior Decorating that is Good, and make it really Great.

The Secret is to throw away the matchy-matchy rules, and approach every little space with HEART!

What?! Huh?

Okay, let me back up a bit. You have to create ‘moments’ in your decor – special spaces or vignettes (little groupings of things) that are pieces that you really love, that make your heart sing. It’s like that very special accessory that you add to an outfit, or the crescendo in a song…those are the special things, the moments, that make those yellow-oak cabinets seem much less prominent. If you take the attention away from your old Grandma’s chair, it will fade back into the space, and become much less prominent, because your personal momentos and vignettes are much more intriguing to the eye!!

Scarlett musings
A picture ledge lets you change up your artwork as much and as often as you like. Here I have a collage, kids artwork, my frame degrees and a photo. But I can change it whenever I like!


Not everything has to match, either colour-wise or style-wise.

Original artwork and momentos, even if they are printed photographs, are interesting, and tell a story about your space. Buying prints and the matching tray and matching tableware from a big box retailer, is really easy, but damn boring too! However, things from trips you have taken, sand from beaches you’ve been too, those are the things that are really cool. It doesn’t have to follow a scheme. It should be an extension of your personality.

Do you see what I mean? How you can take your space from good to great?

If you are someone that is reading this thinking, ‘I don’t have a CLUE how to style vignettes or where to start’, read THIS POST, from my friend, colour expert Maria Killam for some great tips on styling vignettes in your home.

What pieces are you going to pull out from the archives to make some special moments in your decor?

Sid Dickens, Interior Decor great, scarlett ballantyne
One collection of my Sid Dickens Tiles in my entry way….


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  1. I totally need help in this department! Want to paint my whole house white and then add “pops” with pillows, artwork and accessories but don’t know where to start!?!
    By the way…that flower pot kid artwork in the photo on the lower shelf…have one of those myself from Huddy! Its hanging in my upstairs bathroom 🙂

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