Styles That I am Embarrassed to Admit that I Loved

1990s Overalls,

bretons department store, canada 1990s brettons polo parkI am always one for nostalgia….and I loved the 90’s! Chunky heels and brown lipstick were my absolute favourite times in fashion. I worked retail when I went to University, and worked for a department store in Winnipeg Manitoba called Brettons that was like a little mini-Holt Renfrew. I felt so stylish in my chunky heels and blazers. Unfortunately I don’t have a tonne of photos from that time (we didn’t take as many back then without digitals images and iPhones), but it was a time for fashion.

1990's Chunky Heels, scarlett musings

Chunky Heels – Square-bottomed chunky heels felt so edgy because they were a throwback to the 70’s. So there was something so cool and retro about wearing them. You kinda felt like a punk, but with a fashion edge. Paired with a square-shouldered blazer, it was such a stylish look at the time. I still love those shoes – and they were comfortable!


1990s Overalls,
Good old Tommy Hilfiger and Drew Barrymore. *Sigh*  – the 90’s!

Overalls – Who wasn’t rocking the overalls in the 1990’s?! I remember wearing them with a crop top underneath which felt a little risqué and….saucy. I had short-overalls, denim and striped (I think they were Esprit when the brand was still a San Francisco, cool brand). I wore them all.of.the.time.

1990s overalls, esprit, 1990s style, styles I am embarassed to admit I loved
Had to mask said-boyfriend appropriately. Summer of 1991.

Brown Lipstick – I was in heaven when I first discovered MAC makeup around the mid-nineties. That was the first time I had ever seen such matte and cool colours in makeup – and the MAC counter in Winnipeg was right downstairs at the old Hudson’s Bay, right next to the Malt Shoppe.

hudsons Bay, winnipeg building, scarlet makeup, scarlett musings, pretty pinteresting

I remember my absolute favourite MAC lipsticks at the time were Twig (which I actually have come back around to!) and Taupe. Worn with a Stone-coloured MAC Lipliner, and you would look like you were approaching a room, lips first.

1990s makeup, styles I loved

More 1990’s Styles I am embarrassed to say that I loved:

Beverly Hills 90210 – Those sideburns on Luke Perry and Jason Priestly! Shocking yet so sexy.

The Spice Girls – I was a bit old for them but still loved the styles, makeup and bold looks.

Supermodels – My two roommates and I had every Cosmopolitan and Vogue magazine with the supermodels on them. We couldn’t wait for the next issues to come out.

Gwyneth and Brad Pitt – This was at the height of my obsession with a 30-something Brad Pitt. And Gwyneth was like the perfect, Esprit/Benetton girl….and then she cut her hair. I wanted to have that haircut!

1990s collage

What styles are you embarrassed to admit that you loved?

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