A Year in Photos – My Favourites from Photo Shoots in 2015

scarlett ballantybne, sam Chua Photography

scarlett ballantyne, photography in 2015, work in 2015

A friend of mine who is very well-versed in marketing recently dropped by for tea. We were talking big picture stuff, finding your niche and narrowing your product and offerings down to something very specific. Funny enough, I have been doing some internal review, creating some new artwork and also looking at trends within my own writing. Photography or rather, creating beautiful photos, either behind the scenes as a makeup artist, or in front of the camera, is one of my favourite things to do and I did a lot of it in 2015.

How can I incorporate more of this into my work? Into something more that I can sell.

Following are photos from different photo shoots that I worked on in each month of 2015. There were so many more but these are just a few of my favourites… It’s like Facebook Year in Review but better!
scarlett ballantybne, sam Chua Photography

January – I worked with photographer Sam Chua on a photoshoot for a model’s portfolio, and he snapped a few candids/headshots/makeup shots for me. This was one of my favourites from the series. Sometimes its fun to have a photo or two that isn’t so serious!

Stella & dot by scarlett, makeup by scarlett, photo shoot White Rock, Nomo Akisawa Photographer, simply sweet photography by Nomo Akisawa

February – A friend from Montreal was in town and wanted to treat herself to a fashion photoshoot! There were so many great photos from the two photographers that we worked with, and I was really happy with how her makeup turned out. This photo is by photographer, Nomo Akisawa.

Isabella, scarlett photographer

March – The girls and I spent a week in New York in March, for dance workshops and a Spring Break vacation – it was truly the trip of a lifetime and I got to practice my photography skills. I love this candid of Issy! Photo by Me!

we flawless

April – The month of dance competitions. April and May are very busy as a dance-family, and trying to balance it all can be hairy. However I was able to catch this very cool photos my girls during hip-hop rehearsal backstage right before a performance. It’s one of my favourites!

deb brown photography, isabella, scarlett ballantyne

May – My dear friend and photographer Deb Brown did a photoshoot for Isabella and her friends for her 15th birthday. I love how the photos turned out, and actually used some for my Scary Mommy article that was published in September. Deb does a variety of shooting styles – check out her new website HERE.


June – I participated in a photoshoot with my friend Diane Kennedy in June with her brand Cherry Velvet for the project #stunningatanysize. I was hired for makeup, but at the last minute, got to participate as well. Photo by Shimona Henry.

deb brown photography, scarlett ballantyne, scarlett makeup, scarlett musings deb brown photography, scarlett ballantyne, scarlett makeup, scarlett musings

July – I had to choose two because I have two gorgeous girls and I love so many of these photos. My friend Deb Brown wanted to do a shoot for her new website at the abandoned farm next to our houses, and we got so many great shots of her daughter and mine. She took the photos and I did the hair, makeup and styling. I just love how they turned out.

julianne hough, scarlett creative, scarlet photos, move live on tourjulianne hough, scarlett creative, scarlet photos, move live on tour


August – In August, we saw Julianne and Derek Hough in Move Live on Tour in Seattle. I was able to capture some amazing shots of them in action – again I have to post two as these are some of my favourites.

Photography by Michelle Horsman Photography, scarlett ballantyne makeup

September – This month we did a dance themes photoshoot – which I blogged about HERE and HERE – with Michelle Horsman Photography. I have known Michelle for a long time and appreciate her style which is very soft and pretty. She did an excellent job of all of the shots but the one above is a favourite.

klutch photography, tips for surviving a family photo shoot, dina stoddard, scarlett ballantyne

October – We try to do a family photoshoot every year, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. Since I have always wanted to shoot with Dina Stoddard of Klutch Photography, I contacted her when she opened up her mini-sessions for Fall. While all of the photos are lovely (and I used them in this HUFF POST article), the one of my husband and kids above is my favourite.

Scarlett Photography

November – I played around with so many photo settings and photos in November – thank goodness my kids are good sports when it comes to photos and getting them taken. Isabella and I spent an entire Sunday afternoon taking photos at different spots in November.

diane Kennedy, scarlett ballantyne

December – Okay this was taken at a shoot earlier in the year (January?) but I didn’t see it until December when it went live. It was a catalogue shoot for Diane Kennedy Clothing, taken by my old friend Shimona Henry. Sometimes it is hard to see photos of yourself in a shoot like this, but this one I rather liked (hair & makeup by me!).

And there you have it – a year in photoshoots. There are so many more, especially boudoir clients that I love but can’t share too many of…I hope to do many more Fashion and Boudoir shoots in 2016.

Do you have an idea for a shoot, or need ideas for your brand? Shoot me an email and we can make some magic together.

Honourable Mention I had to add this in, as it is another dear friend of mine that got her mojo back in 2014 and took the leap for a boudoir session. She looks amazing so I have to add that here too.

the truth about red lipstick, scarlett makeup, deb brown photography, scarlett musings
My beautiful friend L, makeup by Scarlett (me!) and photo by Deb Brown Photography

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