My word for 2016 Plus Tips for Making YOUR Resolutions Stick!

Photography by Michelle Horsman Photography

scarlett ballantyne, scarlett musings, resolutions, word for 2016,Resolutions are kind of dated these days, however every January, we all use the time to sort of reset ourselves, dedicate ourselves to our goals and then make changes. Given that my birthday is in January, it’s always the start of a new year age-wise, and with that comes plenty of reflection too. Like many people, this is my second year using a WORD to define my year upcoming rather than working specifically on resolutions. Each small goal I want to attain, I try to measure against my Word which defines the year ahead.

For 2016 my word is STRETCH.

I need to STRETCH myself out of my comfort zone to continue some of the things I started at the end of last year:

Photography by Michelle Horsman Photography
This is my kid, not me! I hope to get back to some kind of shape that resembles this!!
  • Working Out – Working out with a trainer costs more that I am making right now (gotta change that too!) but it has increased my strength and overall health. I need to stretch myself to increase the number of hours a week I am doing it, and then stretch myself to work harder!
  • Writing Every Day – I started a book project well over a year ago and kind of abandoned it and now I am forcing myself to work on it. Maybe I abandoned it because it wasn’t flowing – and it isn’t flowing as well now either! But I am giving it a really good try by doing it every day in January (and started an accountability Facebook group too – read about it HERE and you can join too.)
  • Painting every day – I stopped painting around 1997-98, right around the time that I started working full-time and commuting. Then pregnancies followed and painted was put aside – until now. I got a new watercolour set for Christmas and starting slowly by refining my style. I’m taking the entire month to decide if I want to pursue this as a side-hustle – maybe an Etsy shop, which I started before and then abandoned. Perhaps even downloadable art prints.
  • Creating Income – This can come to me a few different ways: residual, more writing getting published – which has been a welcome yet not really expected surprise – and direct sales. A company that I am super passionate about is coming to Canada. Beautycounter has saved my skin this cold winter season and the lipsticks, blushes and Lustro Oil is some of the best out there.

Should I jump back into Direct Sales again?

Scarlett Ballantyne Artist

If you are still with me, how can YOU make YOUR resolutions stick?

Here are my Tips:

  • Start with a WORD – I have many years of failed resolutions behind me, so I find measuring small incremental goals against a word that has an overarching theme of where you want to go, is the best way to tackle it.
  • Try Breaking Down YOUR Goals – Instead of saying, ‘I’m going to start a Workout!’ maybe say ‘I’m going to move my body for 30 minutes 5 days a week.’ Get specific and make a commitment daily to do something towards your goal to move the needle forward.
  • Carve out time to Reflect – You have to reflect on the goals you have made, because as time ticks away , you may find that the way you have outlined your goal isn’t serving you. Agility is key!
  • STOP SCROLLING – The amount of time we waste scrolling on our phones is detrimental to achieving our own goals. It’s so easy to compare yourself and where you are to others successes. You are on your own path. While sometimes we happen upon great information while scrolling, if it is taking away from you creating your own magic, then find a way to stop. I am deleting the Facebook app off of my phone for January, and see how much better I can produce without it.

So there you have it – keep those goals attainable. Like I said, many years of trial and error – and error and error and error – has helped me to come up with this little system, which I know really works.

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7 comments on “My word for 2016 Plus Tips for Making YOUR Resolutions Stick!

  1. Stop. Scrolling. YES hahahaha I fall victim to this bad boy like…..everyday. Reflection time is also a huge one! It takes time to find balance, especially when you have creative/business ideas whizzing in your head 24/7.

  2. Oh how I wish I could paint everyday! This is a fab list for 2016! Creating an income is always a goal of mine. Thank you for sharing and best of luck. You are inspiring!

  3. Great advice! I am loving the word for the New Year, such a great idea. I made my goal a little broad this year, but it encompasses everything I want to do. Be healthier both mentally and physically. So far, so good! You have some great goals, good luck!

  4. Great advice, in fact I did the same thing this year. Focusing on one word that can go with many parts of my life. I learned it was easier to abandon goals that were long lists especially when life threw a wrench your way. Love your word and totally hear what you say on getting back into some type of shape.

  5. I stopped painting with my kids… actually with pregnancy. I really think pregnancy and mommyhood of all ability to be creative! I read recently you cannot be creative when you are exhausted… hopefully when mine are teenagers I can pick it back up. For now I blog! This is a great post (I love that turquoise wall!!!) and I would love for you to link it up with us at 100 HD

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