How do you Make Money Blogging?

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how to get paid blogging, scarlett ballantyne, blog pay, how to make money as a writing, ghost writingPeople often ask me, How do you make money blogging?

There are quite a few ways to bring in revenue with your blog. Writing for other publications is one thing that I have personally been concentrating on. Sometime last year, it dawned on me that if I want to write and actually do that as a job/career/passion, I have to keep refining my skills and find an audience additional to my own blog. Many bloggers write to support another skill or business, which is how I actually started blogging – as a way to support my makeup work and jewelry biz. But for me, somewhere along the way I realized that I love writing just as much as I love other stuff – it is an additional creative outlet for me – and story telling is my passion! So through a lot of online networking, I have learned that if you want to make a career, or side-hustle writing, you have to start writing as much as you can, including for other online publications.


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BonBon Break BonBon Break is an online magazine for modern moms, that cuts through the internet chaos to bring you advice and inspiration – I am happy that they have accepted some of my writing. Click HERE to read my first post on their site.

A lot of people ask me how you can make money blogging, and while there are a variety of ways through Ad Networks and Affiliate Links (see some of my sidebar ads like Grace & Lace), which pay per click,  another great way is by blogging for other companies or online publications. Ghost writing is when a writer authors something in another person’s voice.  Essentially you are paid for your writing to be officially credited to another person. I have done a lot of ghost writing, and I actually love the challenge of writing in another person’s voice. I can’t include any ghost writing samples here, because they are now owned by the company I wrote them for!


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Guest Blogging can also get your writing out there, and bring new fans to your site. I have guest-blogged for other mom-blogs, and this fan-blog. Read it HERE.


Another way that you can make money blogging, is by copywriting, which is writing words/content that is mostly used to advertise or market a product or service. Often brands or companies are looking for copywriters to write about their brand, especially if they have a large number of sky’s. Often they also want someone that has knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization), which is using certain keywords which affects the visibility of websites or webpages. While it sounds complicated, any blogger looking to branch out and make money writing, can easily learn SEO basics, in order to write more effectively.

Getting a regular column, or contributing to online websites, is a great way to get known as a writer/blogger. Over the past several months, I have been published in numerous publications, and I now regularly contribute to 3 of them. However, I have been blogging for a number of years, and it has only been the last 12 months that I have made a significant part-time income, through blogging.


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Follow Stimuli Magazine on Facebook. Stimuli is a lifestyle Blog (magazine) for women based in the Fraser Valley of BC. A few of my Stimuli Magazine posts you can read HERE and HERE.


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Follow Urban Moms on Facebook. My first post on UrbanMoms, which is rather tongue in cheek, is HERE.


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Follow Urban Mommies on Facebook. They are currently searching for a few new writers – CONTACT ME and I will put you in touch with the editor. Read my first post on UrbanMommies HERE.


Like anything, blogging takes a lot of practice, and the best way to become awesome at it, is by doing it. Don’t get discouraged if your stats are low, or it feels like you are writing for 10 readers. Tenacity and persistence, coupled with a little bit of talent, makes a great blog. And once you perfect your skills, there are lots of ways to start layering income with ad networks, writing, copywriting, and ghost writing.



3 comments on “How do you Make Money Blogging?

  1. I’m taking 2016 by storm and focusing on all of these things. I just started blogging two months ago, so I have a long way to go. I’ll get there though!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I love it when bloggers are transparent in ways they make money from their blogs as I’m still learning how to do this. I’m only a month in so I’m just working hard at it and playing the waiting game. 🙂 I’m wondering if it’s worth publishing my progress report for the first month, lol.

  3. Great post! And you’re so right about it sometimes having to take awhile to work up to writing for other publications. I need to look into some more copywriting ventures—where do you find most of yours?

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