What Work/Life Balance Means to Me as a Blogging Mom

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Work/Life balance has been something I have struggled with over most of most of my adult life. When I worked full-time for Benjamin Moore in colour marketing, I did a lot of travelling. Like, a LOT. Probably 50% of the time. My region covered Western Canada and I also went to various conferences in the US and Europe a few times too. While I had loads of fun along the way, it was never easy being away so much with two small kids at home and relying on others to care for them. My work/life balance was askew because I was always looking ahead, and planning to just get that next trip ‘over with’.

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Throwback from my days at Benjamin Moore

After I left that job, I jumped into another entrepreneurial venture which didn’t leave me a lot of time for work/life balance. I was still struggling to get to kid’s school events and be home more and yet, build a small business. I started freelancing as a makeup artist which was great, but not super steady – more like feast or famine. Feast during wedding season,  but famine during the winter months. I found that Direct Sales turned out to be the perfect alternative because I found a product that I was passionate about, and yet, I could work more when my husband was home. When I grew the business big enough that it became a full-time gig, once again it became harder for me to find balance.

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Melissa Hinnant from Grace & Lace is one of the hardest working mothers I know – and she is pregnant with her third!

Balance is a funny thing, because it is different for everyone. For some women, being extremely busy at a 9-5 job gives them the energy they need to get everything done. For others balance is working while the kids are at school and then being around for the after-school time. One thing I learned and would suggest to any working woman, is to work while your kids are small, because they won’t really remember you not being there. Then when they are older you will have a bit more time to try some new things or be a bit more entrepreneurial. While it seems that it gets easier when your kids are older, it actually is a bit harder because they are involved in activities and are pulling you in different directions. With so many social media platforms , it is very very easy to ignore what your kids are doing because you do not understand it – this is the time to figure it out and get involved (this is leading into an entirely different post, which I will tackle soon).

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Grace & Lace for Spring – CLICK to see what is new and what is on sale!

As a Blogging Mom, I have found that I can work during the day, network online and get posts lined up for myself and some of the other platforms I write for, and be around for the afternoons and evenings when I am busy shuttling my daughters around. While it’s not yet, exactly where I want it to be income-wise, it is probably the most balanced I have felt in my life so far. I have time for the gym, have hired a personal trainer *yay me!* and have time to cook healthy meals which is a secondary passion. Flexibility is something that I have ALWAYS been striving for, yet it took me many years of missteps and trying things to realize that that is what I truly desired. That doesn’t mean that I won’t go back to full-time work, or working for a large company. On the contrary, I look forward to doing that again someday! But I want to be flexible if I need to be, and to have the ideal lifestyle of being around for my kids, husband and family.

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9 comments on “What Work/Life Balance Means to Me as a Blogging Mom

  1. I am going to be transitioning from working full time away from home to working from home. I know it will be difficult to find balance. But, I’m so so so excited to be able to be home with my kids! We’ve had some opportunities to practice and I’ve found the use of a timer to be very helpful in finding balance with kid engagement, blogging, and cleaning. I’m excited for what’s to come. 🙂

  2. Wow! I can’t imagine the craziness of traveling for work 50% of the time. At my former career, which I left to work for myself, i would have to travel for overnighters about a week a month and I hated being away from home. While I loved going new places, the toll on my family just wasn’t worth it. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  3. Great post! And I agree, balancing family and work can be so hard sometimes, and can take awhile to get a routine comfortably established. So glad you’re finding a rhythm in your blogging! 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve learned this past year the same thing you talked about – be there for them when they are home or in activities and work while they are in school. It has made my days more manageable and I think made our family happier as a whole!

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