How Do You Know If You Are On the Right Track?

Big smiles, authentic self, fear, going forward, scarlett ballantyne, scarlet musings
Big smiles, authentic self, fear, going forward, scarlett ballantyne, scarlet musings
Big Smiles = authentic happiness. That’s is what I strive for.

There are so many great resources online in 2016: not just things that you can google, but blogs, and Facebook groups which have ultimately changed my life! It sounds dramatic but it’s really true. There are so many ways that you can find your posse of like-minded individuals doing the exact same thing that you are. For example; if you are a Work-at-Home-Mom, there are a tonne of groups dedicated to that. And these become a way to network, try out ideas, and figure out if you are on the right track with on whatever you may be doing. In my Direct Sales business, we had a number of our own groups, and company-run-Facebook groups, but after I left the business, it took me a few months to find where they may be other resources suited to my new direction.

Blooms quote, comparison game, authentic business, be yourself, scarlett musings

The drawback to online networking is that there is always someone doing something better than you. They are doing it faster, smarter, and making more money. I can get sucked into the vortex of watching others success and wishing that I were in the same place – ‘maybe if I had started sooner’, ‘if only I had followed through on my original idea‘, ‘they don’t seem much smarter than I am – how are they propelling forward so quickly‘. I also experience the ‘shiny-object-syndrome‘ as I see people creating new things, and I think, I can do that too! – instead of staying course with some of my original ideas. Recently I have explore a lot of watercoloring and hand-lettering. Does this mean I want to do it as a business? I’m not sure yet, however while I am working through that, I am still hustling with my writing and social media clients.

let's do this, practice, hand-lettering, being authentic, be yourself
Hand-lettering – I have a long way to go but it is fun to practice.

It takes a lot of self-reflection to continue to work towards your fully-evolved creative self. And it’s okay to morph and change along the way. Recently I wrote about my decision to join Beautycounter, and then after publishing it, I became paralyzed. Literally! I received my first shipment of Beautycounter product and I didn’t even open it. I was fearful that my choice to not pursue the business full-time, full-throttle, I would be considered a failure by my peers, my mentor and myself. Honestly,  I am still working through those feelings. Since I made such an effort to succeed in my last Direct Sales business, this time I am not sure how to approach it alongside my other passions.

beautycounter in canada, beautycounter, safer beauty, beautycounter lip sheer
Click Here to browse my Beautycounter website

However, in trying to be really true-to-myself in everything that I do, I have to own the fact that it is different for me this time. I am exploring the possibility of becoming a full-time writer. It’s so exciting to even say it out loud! Six months ago, I didn’t even know that this was a possibility and yet now I write regularly for three websites. It seems that writing authentically, using my true voice and following a heartfelt approach is resonating with readers. Beautycounter is also a heartfelt company which makes it an authentic fit for me as a side hustle. So in order to keep my inner critic in check, I have to keep their mission, combined with my personal mission, top of mind.

How do YOU work through figuring out if you are on the right track?

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How do You Know if You Are on the Right Track? Lady bosses, mama bosses, business for self, work at home moms, scarlett ballantyne musings

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