Kylie Lipkit Review. Am I Too Old for this?

scarlett musings, scarlett mama, hip mama chicIf you follow any sort of entertainment media or social media, then you will know that the Kardashians have their hands in many  businesses. From fashion, to books and workout gear, the matriarch Kris, has helped create an empire by getting her kids involved in a myriad of entrepreneurial ventures. Kylie, the youngest daughter of Kris and Bruce (now Caitlyn) Jenner, has a brand of cosmetics which launched a few months ago with very popular Lipkits – a lip liner and lip colour combo. These are ONLY sold through their own website and sell out in a matter of minutes every time they are restocked.

In January when they launched, I was curious but could never get my hands on one. Truthfully, I actually didn’t try very hard. I figured they would get easier to get and then I would try one to nab one. I was wrong. For every restock, they kept selling out and subsequently have become a real cult makeup product because their supply/demand is so outta whack. My kids follow Kylie on Instagram and Snapchat and so they have been following pretty closely when the next releases are going to be. My fellow makeup-junkie-BFF has also been coveting these elusive Lipkits and it was actually she who let me know when one of the big restock dates would be happening next.

My friend and I both got online right before 4pm on a release date (you can find out when they are on Kylie’s Instagram or one of the many fan pages like this one). The key is to create a VIP profile so you don’t have to waste time when checking out your shopping cart. The shop is powered by Shopify, which is maybe not powerful enough to handle 140K users a minute. While you are checking out things can go out of stock which is totally infuriating!

Regardless, bKylie Cosmetics, Kylie Lipkit, Am I too old for Kylie Lipkit< Kourt K, Too Cute, Posey K, Docle K, Koko K, Kardashian Cosmeticsoth my friend and I got product on 2 different dates and actually mailed each other colours that the other wanted. I got Lipkits in Kourt K and Posie K and she got Dolce K, Koko K and Too Cute Gloss. Mine are for my girls, but since we are all big lip colour wearers, I assumed we would share (I know you aren’t supposed to share makeup but when you’ve given birth to them, it seems like it should be okay). My friend’s were for herself, and all three shades she bought, she felt were too dry, too thick and brown looking for her lips.

I also found it a tad more dry than a regular lipstick, but most liquid lipsticks are on the dry side. Kylie’s Lipkit is more moist than most and has very nice vanilla flavour to it. What is nice is that I found that it dries slowly, so if you mess up the application, you can wipe it easily before applying the lipliner. I found the lipliner very smooth and not dry or waxy like most lipliners. Kourt K is an extremely dark purple colour, and probably not for everyday wear – and maybe would look best on darker skinned gals. Posie K is a mauve-brown and definitely more wearable, but still very matte, not unlike those thick beige lip colours we wore in the 1990’s. This lead me to the question:

 Am I Too Old for the Kylie Lipkit? 

My friend, also in her 40’s, found that all three shades she tried weren’t flattering on her. Maybe because we went through the trend of thick beige lip colour the first time around, we just can’t do it again. I also think that as you get older, adding a bit more colour too your face, like pinks and mauves, can be more flattering on aging skin. Also something a bit more moisturizing can look better too.

Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Lipkit, Am I too old for Kylie Lipkit< Kourt K, Too Cute, Posey K, Docle K, Koko K, Kardashian Cosmetics
My light application of Kourt K

However, I’m in love with the packaging and love to have a lipliner/lip colour combo as an option to choose once and awhile. My daughters have both been rocking the Posie K to school and they love the fact that it lasts all day. Wearing those matte brown shades everyday aren’t for me, but I can rock a dark lip too, despite being over 40.

What can I say? The Kardashians, whether you like it or not, only put their names on quality products. And with well over a 150 million Instagram followers on their combined profiles, they must be doing something right.

Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Lipkit, Am I too old for Kylie Lipkit< Kourt K, Too Cute, Posey K, Docle K, Koko K, Kardashian Cosmetics

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  1. I like that lip color on you! So pretty! I’m not really a fan of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, but some people really like their products!

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