Live to Dance: Another Dance Season Complete

live to dance, bravo apparel, scarlett blog, scarlett musings

live to dance, bravo apparel, scarlett blog, scarlett musings

In so many ways, this school year has flown by. As my girls get further into high school, I find that they have even more activities plus their own social schedules, yet they still need as much assistance as they did when they were younger. When everyone is coming and going every week and into the weekend, 6 months can pass by in a flash. Our dance season consisted of 4 competitions and one trip away to Kelowna, and so if felt like the months of March, April and May, which also is our year end recital, had something almost every weekend. Since Isabella will be entering Grade 11 in the Fall, I have come to the realization that she won’t be in high school too much longer – and her time at Essence of Dance will be coming to a close then too. So, I am looking at the next years ahead with so much gratitude.

live to dance, bravo apparel, scarlett blog, scarlett musings

Since we are always in need of hoodies and dance wear, I reached out to Surrey company Bravo Apparel to get my girls new athletic warm up hoodies. Since Bravo offers embroidery, heat press and screen printing services, I was able to get these hoodies embroidered with Live to Dance, my own graphic design, on the back. Bravo specializes in making custom school uniforms and team sports jerseys too. They have a large selection of styles available. If your sports team, club or school is in need of branded apparel, Bravo is conveniently located in Surrey at 5433 152 St. with a welcoming store-front where you can look and samples of many of the varieties of products they can customize for you.

bravo apparel, dance wear, sportswear
2015-16 Competitive Dance, Essence of Dance

My own fitness journey has come to a screeching halt, due to having a wicked illness which knocked me down for a solid week, and also winding up my time with my trainer Julie, since she is moving away. I may have to get myself some new athletic gear to motivate myself back into action! Since I have been working freelance over the past 18 months or so, and mostly working at home, I need that exercise to keep myself motivated. It’s easy to get lazy when you are working for yourself!

Because my girls will only be doing minimal dance over the summer months, we made a pact to try out some different local fitness programs like the Dailey Method  stay tuned as I will be writing about my journey.

bravo apparel, dance wear, sportswear

Bravo Apparel is hosting a contest this month from June 13 -June 20th – open to British Columbia residents.

Win a FREE set of uniforms (12 pieces) for a fresh new look.

To Enter:
1. LIKE their Facebook page
2. POST a picture of your staff wearing your current uniform in the comment section
3. SHARE our Facebook contest

live to dance, bravo apparel, scarlett blog, scarlett musings

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