Family First, Hustle on the Side…

maui, wedding rings, flytographer, moms that hustle.

maui, family first, sunset

These last several months, I haven’t been writing as much.

Correction: I have been writing a lot, but just not blogging. On this blog that is.

I have been writing plenty for other clients. Doin’ the work as they say. But because of this my personal writing has taken a back seat. Although freelance work is exactly what I wanted, I’ve been feeling a little divided between working, taking care of the family, supporting my kids in activities and trying to keep up with my own creative work.

It’s been truly a juggle, but actually the juggle that I have always wanted. Flexibility while doing something I love, and supporting the people I love.

Family first, hustle on the side.

sunset, maui, scarlett, that mom hustle

I love taking care of things at home, while earning extra income doing something else. For many years it was my jewelry business, then my freelance makeup work, and now it’s a combination of freelance gigs. While taking care of the family.

It’s that mom hustle.

And so I have decided to make a change in my blog header, title and some content. I say some content, because a lot of my writing is exactly for the mom that hustles. That’s you. My reader, that is a mother with a family, juggling taking care of herself, her kids, sometimes her spouse while doing the best she can at earning some income. Some of you are mompreneurs, some are direct sellers, social sellers or crafters. You may even work part-time or even full-time with a part-time side gig.

wait and see, that mom hustle, scarlett ballantyne

Whoever you are, you aren’t the only one.


And so I have made some changes to this blog, website and my social sites. I’ve got more resources, affiliate links, categories, and Mompreneurs that I will be featuring.

I appreciate all of the readers that have stuck with me over the years, as I have grown and changed. I hope that you will continue to stick with me on the journey.

After all, we are all in this together.

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And thanks to my friend and sometimes-writing-partner Alison Tedford of Sparkly Shoes and Sweatdrops for the new tagline!

maui, wedding rings, flytographer, moms that hustle.

that mom hustle, scarlett ballantyne, family first, hustle on the side

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