Celebrating 2+ Decades in Maui

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It has already been several months since these were taken, and yet when I look at these pictures from our Flytographer photo shoot, I can transport myself back to Maui, and feel the warm breeze and cool water. At the end of last summer, J-P and I took our first solo trip without kids to Hawaii to celebrate our 2+ decades together –  our 20th wedding anniversary. We had talked about doing many different things to celebrate this milestone, including going to Italy or having a big party at our home (with the wedding cake that we never actually had). But we got an opportunity to go to Maui and all of the pieces aligned perfectly, so that became our celebration trip.

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We each had things that we wanted to do on the trip, and planned different excursions to do and places to eat. J-P found a beautiful restaurant called Merriman’s in Kapalua, which turned out to be in the exact same spot where I coordinated a photoshoot with Flytographer. If you haven’t heard of the Canadian company Flytographer, it is a community of local photographers ready to capture your memories in 200 cities around the world. Pricing starts at $250 for a 30-minute shoot. I had heard of them through a local photographer in Vancouver, and then saw them on Dragon’s Den in 2016.

flytographer, maui, kapalua, couples photos, scarlett musings
My favourite summertime dress here is by Cherry Velvet.

Working with the concierge at Flytographer was a dream – they help you with all aspects of coordinating the shoot, right down to sending you a photo of all of the final details that you can save to your phone and easily pull up when you are not using wifi or cell data. Our photographer Wendy was really cool, and open to moving around the beach and trying a few different things for the shots. I’ve done a lot of photoshoots, but it isn’t J-P’s favourite thing to do – of course, he was a great sport.

flytographer imagery, scarlett musings, that mom hustle,

flytographer, scarlett musings, couple photos, that mom hustle
Doing some dance jumps to show our kids later!

I loved that we were able to celebrate with a beautiful dinner at Merriman’s, which is out of this world amazing food and we witnessed a proposal and a wedding reception while we were there for dinner. Kapalua Beach provided an amazing backdrop for photos which I am so happy to have to look back on. When we married in 1996, wedding photography was much different, so we have about 4 candid photos, and numerous corny-posed shots.

wedding 96

I’ve always thought that an a good analogy for marriage is comparing it to working out; you need to keep putting in the time and work into it every day, every week, and balance that with healthy eating (or in marriage, healthy practices), in order to have continued results. In our marriage, we have had our lazy-moments, our let’s-quit-times and not paying attention times too. When we look at all of the hardships we have encountered and muddled through over the past 2 + decades, the one thing we have both realized is that our shared foundation and love and care for each other  outweighs any disagreements or hurdles that come our way. Not saying that we have a secret formula, because we don’t. We are just committed to continuously doing the work.

I am including more of our gallery from our photoshoot. You can follow Wendy on Instagram for more Maui photography, and Flytographer for beautiful photoshoots in places all over the world. I would happily recommend using them for any vacation shoots you may be planning – or your own wedding or anniversary photo shoot!

flytographer imagery, scarlett musings, that mom hustle,

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  1. Loved reading this post as I have had the honour of watching your marriage mature and deepen over the time we have known each other. You are SO right – healthy relationships take nurturing, they don’t just happen. This photo shoot perfectly captures you and JP….and for someone who doesn’t like photo shoots, he sure is awesome at the dance jumps. Cheers to the next 20 – we will have so much to celebrate in the years that lie ahead!

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