Synesthesia? Who knew?!

UPDATE:  I had been thinking about Synesthesia recently….someone had mentioned it and it had just become top of mind in my conscious thoughts. Then oddly,  when I was watching Pharrell on the Oprah Network,  he said that he experiences Synesthesia, but with music! I had never really heard many people talk about it before….I feel like perhaps I am part of an elite group or something. I actually tweeted Pharrell about this during the broadcast and he started following me! I really feel special! Sincerely. I am just a simple-gal from White Rock but with creativity in my heart. Since I am working hard at blogging and growing my brand, it has meant the world to me. 

ORIGINAL POST: In 2006 while I was still working at Benjamin Moore, I took a Colour Training seminar put on by the Natural Color Institute from Stockholm, Sweden. We learned about a Natural Color System which builds on how the human sees color. Color is a subjective visual sensation and to characterize it, you have to describe what you see. You cannot just identify it with pigments, or wavelengths of light. When you think about it like that, it is much more complex than just what we see and what we like.

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Another part of the course, was arranging little tiny chips of colour in an arrangement of lightness and darkness, or according to hue and many other criteria. This sounds a lot easier than it is when you have a gazillion little chips in front of you and they are just slightly different from one another. However, it quickly becomes apparant when you are doing the exercises, how you see colour and how you are trained to see it.  So it certainly gave me an appreciation for the people that cannot make colour decisions when it comes to picking colours from the enormous wall of paint chips at their local paint store.

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During casual conversation at this course, we learned about SYNESTHESIA.  Funny enough, I learned that I am afflicted with it. As the definition states, this is ‘a condition in which one type of sensory stimulation creates perception in another sense.’ In layman’s terms, this is when you may picture something like numbers in colour, or in my case, the days of the week and months of the year in colour. I thought that everyone must picture things that way, but in our group of approximately 15 people, only two of us had it. synesthesia, scarlett musings, pretty pinterestingSo for instance, if you ask me any day of the week, I ‘see’ that day in colour. Tuesday: yellow. Thursday: maroon. Sunday: navy blue. And so on.! I guess I never really thought about it, but it didn’t ever occur to me that not everyone saw things this way. I cannot say whether or not it has really helped me in my colour career, but it sure makes for an interesting conversation topic.pretty pinteresting, synesthesia, scarlett synesthesia, pinteresting options Do you see the days of the week in colour? days of the week in colours, synesthesia, experience synesthesia, pretty interesting Colour Outside the lines, synesthesia, scarlett synesthesia, pretty pinteresting

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  1. I never knew such a thing existed! That is so cool. Now I want to read more about it – especially how it relates to music. Going to have to go look up that Pharrell interview….

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