How To Get More Views to Your Blog

How to Get More Views to Your Blog, Blogger tips, mompreneur resources, scarlett ballantyne,,

As a blogger, it has taken me years to develop my own style. Like many bloggers when they first start out, my blog originally started as more of an online journal – musings and my opinions about things as well as life updates and family photos. After a year or two, and seeing other bloggers actually make an income from their blog, I started to research how bloggers can make money.

It seems that there are always bloggers who seem to come out of the gate strong and start making income through their blog almost immediately. There plenty of Pins of blog links for success stories on Pinterest – bloggers that cite making thousands per month in their first year of blogging. I too, tried monetizing my blog once I started getting more traction, through some of my own offerings, ad banner placements and affiliate networks. While each provided me with some income, none of these options were a runaway hit.

How to Get More Views to Your Blog, Blogger tips, mompreneur resources, scarlett ballantyne,,
Want to Start a Blog? This is the most comprehensive course I’ve found on the web by Suzi Whitford.


I also started submitting articles to other publications, as I wrote about on Beyond Your Blog. This was another way to make income from blogging. Additionally, I started working a side hustle, writing blogs for other small businesses for a local website SEO company. So in a way I was making money through blogging. But my personal blog wasn’t generating the big income that I have read that others were getting. Because of my time commitments, my own personal blogging ended up taking a back seat. I realized that in order to make my blog more successful and make a decent side income from affiliates, my courses, and banner placement, I needed to work on one thing:

Getting more views to my blog.

I have over 400 posts that I have written over the past several years, some dating back to when I first started in 2010. I have deleted some and others I’ve made private, because they just aren’t very good! But there are a lot of valuable, well-written posts that have less than 100 views. And I knew that there had to be a better way to get more eyes on those posts.

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Affiliate links like this one for these cool shirts by Snark Society, help bloggers to generate income.


Blogging has changed as more social platforms have erupted and people are using them as search engines. A powerful lesson I have recently learned, is that no one will be discovering these old posts unless I update them to make them more searchable.

When I started blogging, I wasn’t including Pinterest-friendly images, using Yoast for SEO or adding Meta tags or even keywords to my blog posts.


More views to your Blog, Pinteresting, Scarlett ballantyne, That Mom Hustle,,
This is a Pinterest-friendly image

A tall, Pinterest-friendly image, added to every blog post, and then pinned multiple times to personal boards and group boards, has doubled my Blog views over the past 3 months. I am not a graphic designer, but have used either PicMonkey or Canva to create an info-graphic type of image with the blog title (which sometimes I also change) and an image that I own.

Using Yoast for SEO, I make sure to re-visit old posts and add keywords, and make sure all of the suggestions are corrected until I get the ‘green light’ from Yoast. I have added appropriate keywords, and made sure that every blog has a meta description. A meta description is like you 10-second elevator speech for your post; if someone has searched your topic or keywords, and your post comes up in their google search, your meta title is the description that ‘sells’ your post, enticing them to open it.

before and after, makeup over 35
Sometimes an old post just needs a new image – like this added to my Finding Your Style If You Are Over Age 35.


Even though, I remember everything that I have written, I know that my audience does not. I have re-written older posts with a 2017 spin, and republished them with new graphics and promote them on my social platforms. By doing this, I am getting new followers, and new eyes on my blog, every single day.

This banner is an affiliate link.


The key to making a passive income with blogging is directly related to your analytics. The more views on your blog, the more likely you are going to a) sell your own content on your site like courses or ebooks and b) get affiliate income rolling.

Like many bloggers, I tried to monetize without having enough people viewing my blog.

tupperware circa 1950, old direct sales, tupperware parties
My most-viewed-post of all time has over 25000 views! Click here to read it. 


Today, my blog is still relatively small – less than 12K views per month. But this number is double what it was a year ago. I realized that writing new content weekly for my own website wasn’t enough when it wasn’t being seen.

Exposure is necessary if you want to monetize your blog. Readers are more clever than ever and in 2017, long rambling posts just won’t cut it. People want smart titles, tutorials, sharp photography, and the whats-in-it-for-me-factor.

How to Get More Views to Your Blog, Blogger tips, mompreneur resources, scarlett ballantyne,,
Sharp photos that are Pinterest-friendly will always help your blog, and keep your reader’s interest.


Implementing these tips, with old content you’ve written and new content you are writing, will help you to get your blog seen. Polishing up old posts, adding Pinterest images, upgrading your photography and making your content evergreen is a surefire way to get more views to your blog.

Spend 30 minutes a day updating older posts. Try it for one month, and let me know in the comments if you see a change in your page views.


More views to your Blog, Pinteresting, Scarlett ballantyne, That Mom Hustle,,


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  1. Yep. I’ve been meaning to do this. Maybe I will time block just 30 minutes a day. With 13 years of archives, there’s a lot of content, it’s daunting.

    I think it’s been about 5 years since I’ve done a purge and cleanse…might be time in 2017.

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