How to Create the Life You Have Always Dreamed Of

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I have always been a makeup, and product junkie and have loved pretty things. I studied interior design in university because I loved colour and decor. After a 10+ year career doing design work and marketing colour, I yearned to do something different. I was a career-girl but I was also a mother that didn’t want to be away from my precious babies. So I set out to create the life I wanted;  I wanted to have a flexible lifestyle – so I set out to create the life I have always dreamed.

It has taken years to be somewhat close to what I always wanted. The secret is that there is really no secret.

Learning to apply makeup was something that I dove into by mentoring another very well-respected artist. I took a few additional private classes, and practiced, practiced, PRACTICED! I still watch as many Youtube videos as I can and try to take any opportunity that I can to learn new techniques. My fine arts training is a great foundation, but everything that I have learned and accomplished as a makeup artist is because I wanted to learn it, and I went out and got training. The same with hairstyling: I took the principles of form and shape that I learned in design school and applied to hair. It’s like creating a sculpture – or that is how I have always approached it.

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Back in 2010 when I started blogging, I knew nothing. I had someone set up a very basic wordpress site for me and I just started writing. And some of my early posts were kind of awful. I didn’t even know how to add pictures! Now nearly 500 posts later, I have found a groove and have have grown my blog numbers steadily every year. I am creating more content, downloadables and beauty related stuff, and becoming more advanced in the blogosphere. I am an affiliate for some big product lines, am becoming versed in passive incomes more than ever. But there is something new to learn everyday, and social platforms are always changing.

But there is a lot of freedom in knowing what you want and going after it.

I have had a few friends and colleagues often say to me, ‘I could never do what you do because I don’t have the skills’. The truth is that a lot of the skills I have learned about blogging, social media and web stuff, I learned by taking online courses, like the Start a Mom Blog course. While I have an education something else, I am not working in that field right now, and my education is pretty far from what I need to know to do what I am doing now. I have learned from some of the best social innovators online.  It was from writing numerous blog posts, and putting myself out there, that I have gotten some of the opportunities that are paying me now.

I have found that even when you don’t do particularly well at something, keep working at bit by bit, and you will get better. I was never the best interior designer. I didn’t win awards, or accolades. And I was never the best sales person in my direct sales business. But I just kept doing it because I knew what I wanted. And was always curious about how to get better.

You’ve got to keep taking risks to receive the rewards.

Create the life you want, live your dreams, makeup, scarlettWhen I created a makeup business, I started out by learning the art, then networked with photographers and anyone in the business I could find, and finally, did makeup for a gazillion weddings. I met lots of people in the business and worked on many different photo shoots – I essentially created my own opportunities.

You can do that too.

It’s never too late to create the life that you want for yourself. You may have to get creative and do things that you didn’t think you would have to do at the stage of life you are at, but you can do it.


If you don’t try new things and fail, you will never actually find what you may be looking for. I have more failures under my belt than ever. I have tried to sell a myriad of products through my store, and online, many of which never took off. I have created other things which never took shape. But I just keep trying. Those failures have lead me to some really great insights, people and different opportunities. While no one really likes to fail, failures have afforded me the ability to find the beauty in the errors.

What is stopping you from creating the life that you dream of?

Start with a small step – we only have one precious life. Our time on this earth is really too short to be doing a job that makes you unhappy or requires you to compromise the very thing that may be most important to you.

Start small: do something TODAY that is going to move the needle forward towards creating the life that you want to lead.

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4 comments on “How to Create the Life You Have Always Dreamed Of

  1. I totally needed to read this today! Happy that I found your blog 🙂 Congrats on over 500 posts – I think I’m up to 5 at this point – but I’m starting and that’s what counts, right?

  2. I just found your blog today via Pinterest. I love it!

    I’m starting a blog and have edited my About page several times. I need to move on a start posting. I’m also considering a direct sales business. Your information is great!

    Thanks for keeping it real!

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