5 Simple Steps to Grow Your Brand Using Pinterest

growing your brand on Pinterest, Pinterest tips for business, scarlett musings, pretty interesting

Growing your brand on Pinterest, Pinterest tips for business, scarlett musings, pretty interesting

Pinterest is not just for DIY-types or collecting recipes; it can be a powerful tool to gain interest in your business. But Pinterest for business is somewhat of an art – it is more extensive than just creating an account with a few boards. Similarly to anything in business, it requires measured steps and time dedicated to pinning. Creating boards and then not adding content continuously is like planting a garden and not watering it. You have to give it attention! If Pinterest is a tool that makes sense for your brand, marketing via Pinterest can be easy to do, but takes a bit of time and energy dedicated to doing it daily, or automating it to work while you do other tasks. Creating and pinning content according to the following tips, can help you start to get your business known using Pinterest.

These are the 5 steps that I have used to grow my blog views using Pinterest. While my blog views are still relatively small (10K per month), I have received 84% of my traffic in the last 60 days from Pinterest.

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1. Join or Convert to a Business Account: Go to www.pinterest.business.com. This gives you the option of creating an account with a Business name and using your Logo or an image as your Profile Picture. If you are a small business, mompreneur or solopreneur, there is also an option to convert a personal account to a business account. There are different options to choose regarding choosing your business type, and adding your website address.

TIP: If you are just starting out and are unsure, don’t worry, this can be changed at any time! And the main thing when setting up your account is to verify your website at the end.

Pinteresting strategies, Pinterest for Business, using Pinterest
Use Categories and Searchable names for your Boards

2. Create Boards with Searchable Names: While its fun to create Boards with witty and quirky names, searchable names are better for gaining followers. For example, I have created boards in categories like Foods: Board name, and Blogging: board name. You can easily change the names of your boards and the covers, and also drag your boards around to make the ones most relative to your business at the top. When people come across your profile, they are most likely going to scan the boards at the top two rows, so make sure those ones are your stars!

TIP: Once you get the hang of it, some bloggers and business brand their boards covers with a common theme. For example, all black & white images, or actual covers that you create in Picmonkey or Canva. If Teal and Coral are your Brand colours, make sure all of your cover images reflect this. This is another way to create a cohesive and uniform look that is attractive to fellow pinners.

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Use original photos, or stock photos only on your blog or business page. You can watermark them with your logo. Sign-up for my newsletter for 5 free stock photos and one additional free photo per month. SHOP my Stock Photo Collections HERE.


3. Use Original Photos: Since Pinterest is a visual platform, clear, bright and original photos are key for standing out amongst other users. While iphone photos will pass for an Instagram account, Pinterest requires more care, and ideally, tall vertical photos. Take time to source or create original content and upload it to your boards. If photography is not your thing, hire a photographer to take images for you that you can own outright and manipulate for your business. When uploading original pins, don’t forget to add a description that includes your business name. Also add other key words, including your web address, in the content description.

TIP: People can change the description when they re-pin other photos, but often forget this step. So remember to put your business name, and also use hastags here. Then every time your original image is pinned, you are more likely to get traction with your keywords and hashtags.

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Call-to-Action Images work well on Pinterest. Shop this Photo and more HERE.

4. Design Pins with a Call-to-Action that are Shareable – Have you ever noticed that many images on Pinterest have either a call to action or description that creates a desire to click? I always put call–to-action images on every Blog Post (like the ones at the top and bottom of this post) that I write so that I can pin them on Pinterest. Invariably, this always gets clicks! If you aren’t photoshop-savvy, not to worry, there are many easy desktop software programs that are simple and fun to use. Personally I recommend Canva or PicMonkey, for adding text over images and saving it to your computer.

TIP: There are also ipad and iphone apps for manipulating images. VSCO is a good one, as is Pic Lab HD. In my experience, using a desktop application is preferable just because you can save the images to any size you want and larger, clearer images are more likely to be re-pinned.

ANOTHER TIP: Apply for Rich Pins. These are pins that automatically include a link with your name and website, and are shared more often in the Pinterest feed because they are verified already (Pinterest knows they aren’t spam). You need to apply to have Rich Pins but it is a simple process. Here is a link outlining how to apply for Rich Pins.  


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Adding beautiful Photos always intrigues other winners to follow you. These blanket scarves from Grace & Lace. Go HERE to Shop.

5. LIKE, FOLLOW and RE-PIN other Pinners. You will see more action on your Pinterest page if you take 30 minutes every day to pin photos, and also follow other pinners. Like any social media platform, it is social, meaning that you have to pay attention to your profile in order to see it grow. Get out there and like other similar businesses and get inspired by other’s boards. There are plenty of distractions in our own small businesses, but if Pinterest is something that makes sense for your business, set a reminder in your calendar to do it. I have been using Tailwind for a few months and have DOUBLED my blog views, simply by adding pins relating to blog posts and scheduling them. Tailwind schedules pins for you to go out a peak times. Surfing Pinterest, pinning content and following others at least 3 times a week and you will certainly see your followers increase. Experiment with pinning at different times a day to figure out what gets the best results.

TIP: Like any social media platform, it is best not to flood your followers. If you are just starting, try to pin at different times, or break up your pinterest-time into 15-minute blocks – while you are waiting for appointments or watching TV. If you are ready to put your pinning on automate, try Tailwind: you can try it free for a month, and the paid option is just $15 monthly. Tailwind has truly changed my business!

ADDITIONAL TIP: If you have a Pinterest for business profile, you can check your analytics for insights. Also see who is pinning what Pins from your site by going to http://pinterest.com/source/yourdomain.com

FOOTNOTE: Once you have created a solid Pinterest Brand page and profile, created a business account and applied for rich pins, the next step is joining group boards. This becomes more complex, but essentially you are sharing your pins to a much larger audience by pinning to boards that others also pin to. Pingroupie.com is a great way to search for some group boards in your niche. 

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  1. Hi Scarlett, awesome post! i have a question….I just noticed this afternoon that there are pins appearing on my Pinterest boards that I haven’t repinned. They look like scams, saying stuff such as “Pinterest Best Buy Exclusive – Visit the link below to claim your FREE Best Buy gift card!” I have no idea where they came from, and it will not let me delete them no matter what I try and do – the delete button doesn’t even appear when I scroll over them. Has anyone else had this issue? Advanced thanks!

  2. I am not sure why those would be appearing. I would screenshot them and send them to Pinterest’s Help page and see if they can help you! Good luck!

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