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Loving my new glasses from I haven’t had a new pair in 5 years – and I need to wear them a lot more often!


Wednesday Words! I should rename this Random-Personal-Post because there are a few times a month when I just want to write about the shiz going down in my life. It seems like you guys respond to my Confessionals and What-I-Wish-Knew posts, so let me know, if you would, what you like reading the most in this Short Survey HERE. I intend to keep blogging just as I am, but have two rather BIG things coming down the pike, and I want my loyal readers that have been reading for years, and new readers that have just found me, to be equally inspired.

First, I am so happy with my new glasses given to me by I have had a mild prescription for years which I use for driving and distance, but can get by without ’em too. And when my last pair was stolen out of my car (that I left unlocked – oops) I never replaced them. This frame is called the Muse, and I feel like a little hipster in these.

California, Disneyland photo

If you follow me on social media, you will know that my family was in California for a Spring Break/Dance trip with our dance studio. The kids had the opportunity to dance with different instructors, do a Hollywood demo real,  do some workshops with SYTYCD alums and dance at Disney. My girls also took a class at a new studio on Melrose Avenue called PlaygroundLA, founded by Robin Antin (the Pussycat Dolls) and Kenny Wormald (Footloose). This trip was really all about the kids – every activity was for them, not unlike our trip to NYC two years ago. But even in two years, kids change so much, and I found that they were less inclined to want to hang with us, because it was all about the friends. As a parent, there was a tiny bit of sadness  for me – Disneyland is more fun with small kids than chasing teenagers from ride to ride. They are growing up, and I was seeing them experience things, and so much joy too, for the first time in a new way.

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On the topic of dance, as a dance parent, you know that we spend thousands over a dancer’s lifetime with costumes that are only used a handful of times! This has irked me for years, and I have done many different things with old costumes (some of you may remember my costume upcycling project). Traveling Tutus is an organization that takes gently used dance costumes collected from studios and recycles them by gifting them to underprivileged dancers. My daughter Isabella is an ambassador this year, and has been fundraising and collecting costumes for donation. We recently sent over 50 costumes to their head office, and now she will be doing an in-studio raffle of custom shirts generously provided by my friends at Surrey company, Bravo Apparel.

My girls also took part in Bravo Apparel’s new campaign for 2017 – I love how the production turned out.

Bravo Apparel does all types of screen printing, embroidery and uniforms, and we are so thrilled with the Traveling Tutus shirts. Isabella has been challenged to think a little outside the can when it comes to fundraising, because, like most teenagers, she is super busy with school and dance, and yet, still wants to get those volunteer hours in there. Traveling Tutus is an excellent organization for your dancer to volunteer and be a bit creative with how they do it. More on the Ambassador program HERE.

travelling tutus ambassador program,

And last for my random Wednesday Words, I have to tell you something kind of ridiculous and yet fun that I am doing. I stumbled upon a podcast – The Cookbook Deal – which I have become obsessed over. As I have talked about before, I have been writing a book for a long while and shelved it twice. But I am back on the train and trying to set a deadline to finish my first draft. Last year I went off course because of work, but now I realize, I really need to put my own work on the front burner. Anyway, The Cookbook Deal is all about how author Jessica Murnane got her cookbook, One Part Plant published.

one part plant, jessica murnane

What I didn’t expect was that I would be inspired to overhaul my diet to 1) include more plants and 2) stop eating meat for a month! Yes, me, the biggest carnivore who loves steak and sausage, is only eating fish as a meat, for the next month. I am on Day 5 and so far so good. Follow my mini-blogs on Instagram if you want to read more as I take the journey.

That’s it for now or this will get really really long. Of course, I always have more to say, but will reserve it for Facebook and Instagram. Follow along if you are interested.

There are some affiliate links in this post, and some things I just like.

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  1. LOVE the video!! The Bravo Apparel shirts for Travelling Tutu’s are amazing. I will definitely buy from this company in the future as they have great quality and are socially responsible! And yes – I barely saw my teenager on this final dance trip. #timesarechanging

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