Don’t Quit Your Daydream: My Airstream Dream

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“Unlike any other form of thought, daydreaming is its own reward.”

I have thought a lot about what I would do entrepreneurial-wise (?) if money was not a factor. I think that not having money to spend on every idea that comes into my head is a good thing – it’s better to brainstorm and percolate. When you don’t have money, you really have to think hard about decisions and aren’t just throwing cash at problems that arise. It makes you really come up with creative solutions and perhaps try things that you may not have if you had the money to correct it.

I learned this first hand when I spent a tonne of money opening my boutique (I made a lot of decisions based on emotion and wanting to get out of my former job), and then having to find something else that didn’t cost me much to do on the side (Stella & Dot). I never would have even tried direct sales had that series of events hadn’t happened. At the time, I was quite snobby when it came to the idea of ‘home parties’! But I was sort of guided to it via having made a big financial mistake, and I definitely learned a lot about running a business. Probably more than any amount of money in my last business would have taught me.

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My beautiful store. *Sigh*

But I still daydream all of the time!

About opening a dance studio, creating workshops, manufacturing my own clothing line, starting my own Direct Sales company and more.

think if the money part of it wasn’t an issue, I would have lost a lot more on trying various business ventures. I just don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in myself at this time. So I am cautiously optimistic and much more aware of the process and pieces you need to launch successfully.

I love makeup, inspiring people and helping them to see their best selves. One big fantasy dream, which is somewhat practical even, would be my own Airstream Trailer, tricked out with white leather and the coolest set-up ever for makeup clients. I could travel around to photo shoots and film sets and maybe even a wedding or two (well…. probably not a wedding…..I am done with that) and do makeup for people. 

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A few years ago I saw this post online about a photography studio that did this very thing for themselves. Most of their photo shoots are outdoors but they need a place to converge with clients, work on their images, and preview photos. I think that this is super smart because they aren’t tied to one indoor location, they aren’t paying rent somewhere (something that is hard for photographers to do if the work isn’t consistent), and it is really pretty slick.

I am totally down for doing the same thing for makeup, or even some kind of photography/makeup combo with a partner. I know it is not really Dragon’s Den-Shark-Tank-investable, however, I think that it could be a fun adventure.

Daydreaming is always a jumping off point for ideas. If you never had wild ideas, then you would never arrive at more sane ones.

What types of daydreams do you have for your next venture?

trailer heaven, my airstream dream, don't quit your daydream

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