Wednesday Words: Going from Bug Soup to Butterfly

Wednesday Words, scarlett ballantyne, that mom hustle, words of wisdom from a blogger that's been there.
Wednesday Words, scarlett ballantyne, that mom hustle, words of wisdom from a blogger that's been there.
This is a Wednesday Words going out on a Thursday, because I just didn’t get everything written in time to post.


You probably read that headline and thought, what is the heck is bug soup?

Bug Soup: A coach that I have known for well over 10 years and helped me immensely through my retail business, has given me this awesome analogy that I think of a lot when I am creating. It comes from Martha Beck’s 4 Phases of Human Metamorphisis. The first phase is describing looking into the early stage of a cocoon which is the cells that contain the DNA-coded instructions for turning bug soup into a delicate, winged creature – the butterfly, which is the angel of the dead caterpillar. Read more about it here.

Any metamorphosis in life can be painful for us; life stages we go through and major events like deaths, births, new jobs etc., which impact us in big ways. I feel like I have been stuck in phase one – bug soup, where you are temporarily formless, and trying to dissolve old feelings and mourning perhaps what you used to be, for a long while. I wrote a piece for Being Boss called Embracing Creative Change; and while I embrace the process to some degree, I am also finding it extraordinarily mucky. Going through the process of denial, anger, sadness, and acceptance doesn’t necessarily just happen once, it can occur a number of times on a loop almost, although it starts to get easier as you go through the stages.

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Photo Credit Amy Williams Photography, September 2014

One thing I have recently realized, is how fast life seems to be moving for my kids. My oldest will be graduating next year, and we are already starting the process of looking at universities, scholarship opportunities, and looking at grad dresses (although that’s the fun one). And so the longer I dwell in ‘the bug soup stage’, the more I am missing out on moments. And I look back at photos from just 2.5 years ago like this one, and I think, ‘Holy shit Scarlett, get out of your own head and enjoy every second.

So I guess just like my coach tells me, remember these three things that are really important when you are in the process:

  • Enjoy Every Moment. Creative change is one part of who you are and not everything that you are. We all have multiple sides and assets, and one bad event, poor choice, or directional change doesn’t define you.
  • Be Kind. To yourself and others. You don’t know who else is going through bug soup! Sometimes your words and actions can really make someone feel amazing. I received a beautifully written, and very complimentary email from an acquaintance the other day, that literally was something I needed to hear and it made me realize, who can I serve the same way by giving someone else a compliment?
  • Try to Find Joy in the Things you Hate. There are things that I absolutely find no joy in, and can dread to the point that I make myself cranky at the thought of doing them. Like grocery shopping; I love cooking but hate going to the store with the janky lighting and crappy parking lots. So I try to make it an event by taking one of my kids, and splitting the tasks between us. Or making it a leisurely time to wander around with my husband. It’s gotta get done, so it’s better to frame it in a new way, then to dread it.

Some other of my Wednesday words random stuff:

one part plant, jessica murnane

I did 2 full weeks of only eating a pescertarian diet. My gut problems felt better, and I really didn’t miss meat. Until I did. And then once I started eating it (supposed to be just ‘that day’) I couldn’t go back. The streak was over. I guess that is why the One-Part-Plant plan is an interesting approach, because I am still able to do one plant based meal a day. So I will be doing that for another two weeks, and will see if it is something sustainable for me. I am still really enjoying The Cookbook Deal Podcast which is by the author Jessica Murnane.

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Stock Photos!!

I am putting together a collection of stock photos, which I will be selling from this website! Yay! I am currently just categorizing them, and getting them ready for sale, which will launch on April 17th, 2017. You may actually notice a few upcoming changes to my website, Pages and Home page – just small tweaks but the same content.

I was featured on another great creative website that sells stock photos and gives creatives blogging tips, called the Ivory Mix. You can read my blog here.

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Start A Mom Blog Course – A perfect place for new bloggers to start!


I’ve got a new article being published in two weeks on Start a Mom Blog by Suzi Whitford. I am so stoked because this is a topic that is really something I believe in: Why Every Direct Seller Needs a Blog. I have been writing it off and on for weeks (instead of the book that I am working on) and if you are in Direct Sales, then this post is going to be speaking right to you. I can’t wait for it to go live!

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Beautiful Chloe – Filter by Pretty Presets for Lightroom


I am spending as much free time as I can taking photos with my new camera. Moments pass quickly, and when I am wallowing in bug soup, I forget to take photos. I am making a conscious effort to take at least one or two a day from my phone, and a few times a week with my new camera. You will never regret having a tonne of fun photos to look back on.

Phew, the end. I hope that my musings will inspire you. Sign up below for my newsletter, stock photos, and just because you want to stay in the loop.

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