A Formula for Success: Action Steps + Consistency

Scarlett Ballantyne

Scarlett Ballantyne

Committing to a new routine is tough. Consistency can be also tough. And boring. And easy to forget.

I stopped drinking coffee in a few years back. And it was so hard! And I had to remember to take vitamins when I woke up and a shake within 40 minutes, and then drink boring green tea. At first I thought I was going to die. But I kept doing it. But then it became a habit. And after 3 months, I felt pretty damn good.

But I had to keep making the choice to take that teensy-tiny little step every day to make the difference. The efforts were cumulative.

Since my post went up on Start A Mom Blog this week, about How to Grow Your Direct Sales Business with a Blog, I have had a lot of different people contact me with questions about how to get started with blogging. Honestly it can be a little overwhelming to start a blog, when you are already in the trenches deep with another business. You are already juggling multiple things including social media and team communication and just getting all of the pieces together that you need to do in the limited time that you have. I get it.

But it is also a choice. You simply have to commit yourself to blogging. It will be hard at first, and there will be days you have nothing to say, but making the choice to do it, and putting on your calendar, is a good place to begin.

Even after hundreds of blog posts – and for the past year I’ve been averaging 30+ blogs a month for other companies in addition to my own blog – sometimes I don’t have much to say. I have been drained. But other times I write something totally off-the-wall that just flows out. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes its crappy.

Either way I’ve just gotta do it.

You have to trust that consistency + action are going to keep propelling you towards your goals.

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At times it is hard for me to stay consistent with my purpose, because I am a creative and it can evolve where I am going. But the core of what I have to write about and share is the wealth of experiences I have from trying and doing many different creative things.

Persistence is really the key thing to gaining traction, and sometimes that can be the most annoying thing! You must be persistent enough to sell your product, or post to your Instagram everyday, call people and tell them what you have to offer, and then wait. The time that it takes to experience results can be longer than you want it to be.

For some people, consistent action will turn into success and it may look like it was overnight -those damn lucky people – but for others they may try things and change gears and then try other things. And it is that winding road that may be leading them to their goals. No one has a crystal ball, and only you have the intuition to know if you must keep going.

But one thing I know for sure, because I have had definite regrets, is this:

A year from now you will wish you would have started today.

I regret not starting a Youtube channel earlier, and consistently posting videos and content.

I regret not using SEO for my blog earlier, and taking the slow road to building readership.

I regret not choosing certain directions that took me off of the path away from my original goals.

I get it. You have to listen to your gut, make a plan and consistently work towards it. You may be stretched because you don’t have money, and you’ve got to work a full-time job, or take care of your kids in addition to all of your commitments.

But if you want it badly enough, you will make the time.

Remind yourself to take those consistent, small daily steps to make it happen.

Action Steps + Consistent Behaviour + A great idea/purpose + Persistence = Great reward. 

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5 comments on “A Formula for Success: Action Steps + Consistency

  1. I love that: “A year from now you will wish you would have started today.” Most of our regrets are things we didn’t do, not things we did do.

  2. Hi Ariel – thanks for stopping by! I’m slowly working on it, and hopefully will get it out in May! I will visit your blog also.

  3. I REALLY needed to read this right now! I keep chugging along and sometimes I see it pay off and other times I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels! The most important thing to remember is that consistency and perseverance pay off. No one became successful by giving up when they didn’t see immediate results!

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