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scarlett ballantyne makeup, scarlett musings, that mom hustle, makeup 101, makeup for mama bosses, makeup application hacks

scarlett ballantyne makeup, scarlett musings, that mom hustle, makeup 101, makeup for mama bosses, makeup application hacks

Simple Makeup Hacks and Makeup 2.0

Almost every woman over the age of 16 in North America uses some amount of makeup. That is a big broad statement, but it is true.

What I hear from women all of the time is that they don’t always know how to use what they have, or what the newest trends and products are that might make makeup application different/easier/better. The makeup application techniques you learned when you first started using makeup may be dated. There are forever new innovations in beauty, and things that you may want to start using more as you age. What you did at age 25, you may not necessarily do at age 45.

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Many women are looking for makeup basics, how-to tutorials and simple hacks that help them to look their best, and still be on trend. Then there people interested in the more extreme trends, which can be fun for a nighttime look, a special occasion if you want to dabble and try something more artistic. I will break down both.

To start, these are some of my favourite Beauty Innovations and Simple Hacks that every woman needs to try and perhaps add to their personal makeup kit:

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Eyeshadow Primer –  Not everyone knows to use this or has been introduced to an eyeshadow primer. The absolute hero of eyeshadow primers is from Urban Decay – The UD Eyeshadow Primer Potion. This one was an innovator in that it sort of created the category of eyeshadow primers. The owner of Urban Decay, entrepreneur Wende Zomnir, first tested it by wearing a smoky eye look for a photoshoot and taking a 10 hour flight, and her eyeshadow remained in place. I promise you, you will never get creasy – or greasy – eyelids again if you use this product. Even if you aren’t a big eyeshadow wearer normally, just using the primer and a swipe of vanilla shadow, makes a huge difference in your everyday routine.

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BB Cream – Many different brands have a BB Cream in their lineup, which is essentially a tinted foundation that is lighter like a moisturizer. Most of your favourite brands will have one in their lineup, but a reasonably priced option is from the Body Shop.  Often times they have an SPF also built into the product. If you want sheer coverage, but something that still evens out your skin tone and isn’t heavy, a BB Cream is for you. Most women don’t like the heavy Instagram-Kardashian-look for everyday wear, and a BB Cream is light and an easy way to help you look like a better version of yourself.

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Liquid Lipstick: I think a lot of women want to look refreshed; brighter, rested, glowy and pretty would be the adjectives that I hear most frequently from makeup clients . But nothing brightens up a face better than a great lip-colour. If you think about what you would do if you only had 10 minutes to hit a red-carpet party, probably it would be moisturize (maybe throw on a BB cream), mascara and a bold lip. Then you will look like you made an effort.

Scarlett Kylie lip kit in Heir, liquid lip, makeup hacks
Kylie Lip Metal in Heir

A liquid lipstick is a wonderful product because these apply well and have enough fluidity not to bleed into the lipliner without being dry. This ‘type’ of lip product has become more popular in that last several years, and Kat Von D has a variety of colours available in her Everlasting Liquid Lipstick line. My daughters and I also really love the Kylie brand. We have accumulated a few different colours – Koko K and Heir are my favourites – and they have become a go-to for me for a more put-together-makeup-look.

Makeup 2.0

This is not just the simple everyday stuff, but stuff on the more extreme side, that is currently trending in the makeup world.

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Beautiful Brows: Microblading – Who knew that Brooke Shields 1980’s brows would be on-trend in 2017? I will never forget when two years ago, my fellow makeup-junkie-friend texted me and said, ‘what do you think of micro-blading?’ At the time, I didn’t even know what it was. I had seen eyebrow tattooing, and essentially microblading is a less invasive (although still penetrating the skin) version of it. It’s a semi-permanent way to get natural, thicker looking brows that lasts 18 months. The process is when a brow artist applies ink to the skin via a blade to mimic the look of real brow hair. You can find plenty of local artists on Instagram promoting their services with before & after pictures. I have seen many great results, and other questionable ones. I can’t recommend anyone in particular but there are lots of bloggers raving about their results all across North America!

Not everyone wants to fill in their brows everyday. As someone that has always used shadow or Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade products to fill in brows, I can see the appeal of micro-blading. I guess my only concern is finding a reputable artist, because a botched job is something you would have to live with for awhile. And then second, living with your now-thicker-brows when trends change again. The pencil-thin brow of the 1990’s left a lot of women with sparse, crappy eyebrows. I guess it is something to think about before making the commitment.

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Skin Highlighters – Frosty skin, that looks like you have a spotlight highlighting your cheekbones, brow bones and nose, is all the rage. An Instagram-Beauty-Blogger favourite, my teens are wild for the highlighted look. And I have to admit, it is very pretty. But it can be a little bit hard to achieve and/or wear for non-makeup artists, or on an everyday basis. On myself, I find it looks like I’ve been crying (with a shiny nose), but on my teen daughter, it looks terrific.


highlighter, makeup 2.0, makeup looks, makeup hacks

Gorgeous Eyelashes – Whether lash extensions applied professionally (many micro blade artists also do lash extensions), or strip lashes available at the drug store, pretty long eyelashes are a huge trend for anyone interested in makeup. I remember years ago as a new makeup artist looking for lashes, only having one or two brand of false eyelashes available or you had to make a trip to the beauty supply store. Now there are full kiosks in shopping malls with every kind of lash imaginable, and beautiful ones at that. My last Winter #Beautybox from Beautycon had the most beautiful limited edition false lashes inside.

Long gorgeous lashes highlight the eye, and add depth and youth to any face. There are also a lot of mascaras on the market promising long lengthened lashes, but false lashes or lash extensions really do it best. I often use false lashes for photos or an evening out.

lashes, makeup hacks, makeup 2.0

The best thing about makeup in this decade, either trendy makeup or just the basics, is that there are a lot of choices for women. Makeup artistry is so interesting and always evolving. What I find with social media, is that there are so many ways for new, young artists to express themselves, and for smaller indie brands to become influencers and get noticed.

What products are you going to try adding to your makeup routine?

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