Multi-Wear Cute Outfits for Every Age Woman from Grace & Lace

grace & lace, that mom hustle, trendy clothes, mom and teens, fashion

grace & lace, that mom hustle, trendy clothes, mom and teens, fashion

In late 2013, I discovered the brand Grace & Lace online via very cute image on Pinterest. It pictured bootsocks with lace tops, not like anything I had seen before. They were innovative, a new design, and just something novelty that I simply loved. I interviewed the owner Melissa for this blog about entrepreneurship and her business shortly before they appeared on Shark Tank in late 2013.

grace and lace, shark tank appearance, mompreneur, christian business owners
Grace and Lace on Shark Tank

More recently, I have become an affiliate for Grace & Lace. I truly love the clothes because they are designed with care, but are still affordable and made ethically, and designed in the United States. I have become opposed to consuming too much ‘fast fashion’, but to be truthful, I’m still on a budget, and simply cannot afford to only purchase Canadian-made, or eco-brands. And Grace & Lace designs can often be worn multiple ways, and shared between my two teenagers and myself.

grace & lace, that mom hustle, trendy clothes, mom and teens, fashion
Pictured: Lightweight Two Fit Knit Cardi in Oat (wearing a Medium) Mesh High Low Extender in Rose Floral (Isabella is wearing a size Large)

This Lightweight Two Fit Knit Cardi is a new favourite in our household! It can be worn as a sweater or a cardigan by simply pulling it up and over your head. I love this because it is still a sweater but not too heavy or hot. The girls love wearing it with the Mesh High Low Extender (which I find shows too much leg for me personally), which I got in a Large so it would be a bit longer. The Cardi is made of a super soft rayon blend knit and comes in a variety of colours. The Heathered Oat is great for a summer sweater, I might choose Plum or Teal for winter.

grab and go multi wear, grace & lace, that mom hustle
I am wearing the Grab and Go Multi Wear Knit in Canyon Clay

OMG, I had been eyeing this Grab and Go Multi Wear Knit top for awhile – I have had something like it before that I wore to death until it fell apart. But this one is different because it is all one piece. There are five different ways to wear this piece, and so it works over a variety of body types, or for many occasions. This colour, Canyon Clay, is not something I would normally choose, but I wanted something a bit more colourful that would work in summer and fall. Underneath I am wearing the Perfect Fit Tank Original Long in Ivory.

Below is the video from Grace & Lace outlining the different ways to wear this fabulous top!

grace & lace, that mom hustle, trendy clothes, mom and teens, fashion
Isabella is wearing the Cut Out Cold Shoulder Top size Medium

The Cut Out Cold Shoulder Top is a flattering look on most women because you are still covered up and yet showing a little skin. I love the blouse-y nature of this top and I wear it loose and flowy, but Isabella likes her tucked in to her jeans (because she is little and fit and can get away with it). It is 100% rayon and a flowing fit and comes in 3 colour-ways. Ours is sized Medium.

I love our new Grace & Lace wardrobe additions for summer so much that we wore all of our pieces to our recent family photo shoot. I have added links for each of the pieces that we have pictured in these photos.

Light Weight Two Fit Knit Cardi

Mesh High Low Extender

Grab and Go Multi Wear Knit

Perfect Fit Tank Original Long

Cut Out Cold Shoulder Top

I will forever be grateful to Melissa for granting me that interview, and then later, giving me a one hour long phone interview for a private course I was selling. I have made that interview public on my Soundcloud and linked it below. Melissa talks a lot about entrepreneurship and how the Shark Tank experience went down. I’ve been sitting on this one for awhile, but there are some valuable lessons and candor that I am happy to share with you guys. I’m thinking maybe there is a podcast in my future? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Truthfully, I was extremely thankful for the opportunity to talk to her in depth, because she really didn’t have to give an interview to a new blogger with a small reach! But what I learned from her is that, like a lot of successful people, she takes just as much time for everyone that reaches out to her, not pre-judging or pre-qualifying you. It’s such an important thing to remember, and it has made me so much more mindful of doing the same for others.

I hope that you will treat yourself with something new from Grace & Lace. I am a forever fan!

Multi Wear Clothing for Every Age Woman, Grace & Lace, That Mom Hustle, Scarlett Ballantyne

This post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated for your purchase from Grace & Lace. I was gifted some of these items for the purpose of promotion. However, I promote products that I truly love and believe in – all opinions are my own. 

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