How A Shopping Detox Can Bring You Joy

flowers, stock photos, musings, that mom hustle

flowers, stock photos, musings, that mom hustle

A year ago I posted about my first 6 Months of a Shopping Detox. I joined a Facebook group dedicated to spending less, and making a conscious effort to consume less ‘stuff’ overall. So the goal was to only purchase things you need – no browsing around HomeSense or Target and picking up stuff willy-nilly. If you bought something, it was because you needed it, and then you got rid of something also.

I have to say, I think it changed my habits forever.

My only regret is that I didn’t do it earlier in life. Although perhaps I didn’t understand completely how much it would have impacted me – as I used to fill my cup a lot more with pretty things. Meaning that I received so much joy from beautiful clothes, pretty things, and beauty products.

And I still receive some joy from those things.

I worked for a dozen years in the colour industry and interior design and then another half-dozen in makeup and accessories. So of course, it is a big part of the fabric that makes up who I am and what I love. I love a beautifully designed living space. I love a curated but colourful closet. And I love sexy shoes.

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But I love my kids more. I love vacation time with family, and I love spending time with friends. Relationships and doing more activities with friends and family, fills my cup a lot more than stuff does.

And I LOVE saving money. I love selling stuff on Letgo or Craigslist. This past month alone, I have made $500 selling stuff online.

It feels so good to let go of stuff! It’s just time to move on, and keeping memories alive doesn’t mean I need to hang onto that material thing attached to it – like the beautiful chandelier that I had hoped I would use in my new home. I saved it from my former retail business, but I am not using it, and although I love it, the time was over, and I had to let it go.

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I’ve had to work hard this past year at feeling joy and doing only the things that bring me joy. And while I love spending time with friends, I don’t necessarily need to spend money while doing it to feel joy. On the contrary, having a healthy bank account makes me very happy.

So I challenge you to figure out what things give you absolute joy in your life.

My short-list: lots of laughter, time with friends, watching my kids dance, giving and receiving love, beautiful greenery, the beach, accomplishing hard things, endorphins from exercise, cuddling with my dog, great writing, eating wonderful food, sleeping on a comfortable bed (!), bright and beautiful colours, innovative people, beautiful photography, creating things that didn’t exist before I touched them.

And none of those things really come from shopping.

What gives you true joy?

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