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Monday is full of possibilities. It’s the promise of the week ahead and all of the things that you can accomplish. When you work from home, each day can blend into the other, but I still find that Monday seems like an entity of it’s own. I’m always geared up for Monday mornings. I used to hate the thought of going back to work on a Monday. About Sunday at 4pm I would get those feelings of dread. Always the countdown to get things finished for the week ahead, like groceries, laundry and more.

I hated Mondays.

I’ve written about Synesthesia before, but if you haven’t read it, I experience certain things like numbers and days of the week (and months) visually and in colour. Monday, oddly enough, is sort of a dark blue, almost navy colour. Very 1990s in my mind, which is odd. I’m not sure why that is the colour, but it’s always been that way, ever since I was a little girl. When I think about the colour I want to associate with, it’s a brighter yellow. Like the sunshine or lemons.

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Now, as a work-at-home-mom, I have always enjoyed the weekend right until the bedtime hour, and enjoy my working-solitude on a Monday morning. In my Direct Sales business, I reserved Mondays to grow my own business, then took Tuesdays to concentrate on team members and coaching calls.

Put the oxygen mask on yourself first, as they say, and everything else will flow accordingly.

Possibilities, Mondays are full of possibilities

Entering this next phase of life, kids growing into young adulthood and starting to figure out what they want to do next, has brought up a lot of self-reflection for me also. It seems like every week over these past few months, I have had a friend going through some type of crisis – some small but some very life altering. It has caused me to reflect so much on what makes a person happy, and what doesn’t. We all want to feel more joy, and why would you ever want to start a week dreading Monday morning?

It’s sort of dorky, but I recently read this enlightening article about how a man came up with a ‘formula for happiness’. He was the type that already had it all –  a perfect job at Google, lots of travel, money and abundance. But he wasn’t truly happy. He created a spreadsheet so that he could document every day, the weather, his interactions and a variety of things that happened in order to come up with this ‘formula’ if you will, of things that made him happy. Like how to re-create his ‘ideal day’ every day. So that he could do more of that, which really wasn’t any one thing, but rather a combination of things, ideas, interactions and time.

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Think about this when you are thinking about a job, what you like to do in your free time, or what type of business you like to pursue. In my Direct Sales business, I loved the colour, the designs and the style of the jewelry and accessories I was selling. I loved working with people on my team that really and truly wanted to do the work, and lived and breathed the business as much as I did. The combo of working with others, but then having my own solitary business, was a winning-combination for me.

I’ve done many different personality tests over the years, and according to Myers-Briggs I am an Introvert, but other tests like the DISC says that am an I, which means that I am very social (and I find it hilarious that the I on this chart is yellow!)  I know that I am a combo of an introverted-extroverted personality, and love to do things and jobs where I can be social, but also have time to charge myself back up after. That makes me the happiest.

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I still haven’t found a true balance in my work to-date, to be honest, as it is an evolution/work-in-progress. When I take stock of what I want most in any work, relationship or thing that I pursue, it’s happiness. True joy, laughter and feeling utterly free.


I want to always love Mondays, and for everyday to feel like a Monday morning in whatever work I choose to do.

Three things that I have put into practice that I think can help anyone start to look at Mondays in a new light:


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  1. Following the Desire Map from Danielle Laporte, which is concentrating on how you want to feel every week. I fill out the Desire Map planner pages, every week *nearly* and when I do that, it helps me to stay grounded.
  2. Serve others when I can. I feel great when I can help people. It’s simple really, but helping others, even just being a friend, helps me to have a more positive outlook.
  3. I accept myself for who I am! Wow, what a silly statement. But it’s taken a lot of self-beating up to realize who I am – and it’s okay to be myself.

Mondays should never be something to dread! How do you find your groove on a Monday?


Love Mondays and find Joy









3 comments on “How-to Love Mondays

  1. I truly love this post as I struggle to find balance as well. I used to have dislike for Mondays, especially when I was working outside of the home. I definitely find that as a stay at home and work from home parent, Mondays are a little more bearable. And I actually kind of enjoy Mondays now because I typically try to spend some time on Monday organizing and planning for the rest of the week and strangely, I find of that exhilarating. LOL. 🙂

  2. I agree. Monday is my Sunday because I teach guitar Tuesday through Saturday. My husband and son are gone by 7:30 and the day is mine. Love the variety of tasks: finances, grocery shopping, weekly manicure, laundry( I take it out to a professional launderer now because it is more cost effective for me to stay on top of my guitar teaching business). I don’t look for perfect balance anymore because I don’t believe it is a normal state. Good instead of perfect is good enough and on rare occasions I can savour a perfect day. I loved reading the article and posts. Looking forward to reading more.

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