Small Changes to Make a Big Impact

Small Changes that Make Big Impact,Love Ball, supporting friends, that mom hustle

Love Ball, supporting friends, that mom hustle

“We are what we do every day and we pay for our choice with the lives we lead.”

This is a quote from blogger Sarah Von Bargen of Yes and Yes. This quote has resonated with me over the past several days. In so many ways it can seem like we are all just going about our lives and the choices we make aren’t impacting anything long term.

Yet they are.

Every time you make a large Costco run and end up with a bunch of stuff you don’t need, then you are impacting your life later. Like that $48 you spent on salad dressings could have gone into your RRSP fund.

Every time you choose not to press ‘Like’ on that photo – because let’s face it, when someone posts a nice photo, they want your likes – or choose to scroll past and forget to make an encouraging comment, you are just being a sideline friend, and not an active friend.

And every time you choose to throw shade at someone, something, someone’s choice, someone’s weight, their lifestyle, their parenting style – literally ANYTHING – you are choosing to manifest hate in the world.

It’s simple in concept, but sometimes hard to live everyday.

I just helped some family members pack up their home to move, and unfortunately, there was a lot of excess stuff, things to be donated, and an obvious overbuying problem happening. Now of course, I could say that I have been guilty of that in the past to some degree. However since embarking on a shopping detox, and continuing the spirit if only buying what is necessary, my awareness for extraneous ‘stuff’ has been amplified.

I recently connected with an old friend through messenger, because someone we know mutually had lost a parent. And I realized that she had become more of a sideline friend, not because we don’t like each other, but because we don’t connect. I don’t encourage her, she doesn’t to me. We don’t call, or text, and therefore our connection has fallen away.

And even I find I am guilty of watching TV and saying ‘That host bugs me. Her lips are overdone.’ or something equally silly. But it’s still putting negativity out into the world. Maybe is just a reflection of how I am feeling about myself at the time. I can easily click the channel-change button, look away and it’s a simple as that.

Love Ball, supporting friends, that mom hustle

The choices we make, however small and insignificant seeming at the time, all end up equalling something big in the long run. Changing behaviours also happens one small change at a time.

When change seems overwhelming, sometimes just remembering to take one small step, will lead you to getting there.

I’ve been remiss about working out since my trainer/friend moved away last year. So I am making the commitment of one small step to kickstart myself again – committing to go to spinning with my daughter. My regular excuses – ‘I feel awkward going alone, I have a deadline, I don’t feel like it’ – hopefully then won’t apply.

What is one small change that you can make that will impact the larger picture in your life?

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Small Changes that Make Big Impact,Love Ball, supporting friends, that mom hustle



2 comments on “Small Changes to Make a Big Impact

  1. I really like what you said about manifesting hate into the world. This is something that I’m really trying to do less of – and also teach my children not to! Have positive thoughts and the universe will treat you better!

  2. Love this! I’ve been working on making small changes in terms of life clutter. I’ve realized I’ve let my thoughts be more concerned with all the stuff I feel like I need in order to feel like a good mom, wife, successful person, etc. that I have let that become my focus rather than just being simple and present with my kids, husband, etc. Some pf it material I am decluttering, but also just thoughts and expectations that need decluttering as well.

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