Confessional: 10 Random Things About Me

Scarlett musings, 10 things you don't know about me

Scarlett musings, 10 things you don't know about me

I haven’t done one of these in a long while. My random and confessional posts always get a lot of traffic. While I know that I lot of my readers are Direct Sellers and Mompreneurs, many are also just readers that have grown with me over the past several hundred (well not hundred, but sometimes it feels that way) years of blogging.

10 random things about me….

  1. Technical things light me up! When I am stuck on a website issue, I love figuring out the back end stuff. I always thought that I could never be a photographer because I wasn’t sure about the technical aspect of cameras, but now I kind of dig it. Never say never I suppose.
  2. Don't believe everything you think, 10 random things, that mom hustle2.   I used to have a hangup about not being athletic. But my friend and trainer taught me that you don’t have to be athletic to be fit. That was a huge moment for me! And helped me break out of some old patterns. I struggle with keeping on a fitness regime but I know that doing hard things everyday rids of me the anxiety that can plague me when I work and drink too much coffee.


  1. Cooking is my way of showing love. Acts of service is one of my love languages I guess. I enjoy cooking for my kids, husband and my kid’s friends. I would have made a wonderful Italian wife!


  1. I suck at board games. And I don’t like animated movies! I have to concentrate to actually consider the characters as real characters, if that makes sense.

Can't avoid criticism, 10 random things, that mom hustle

  1. I didn’t start writing until my late 30’s. I had an English professor in my first year of University who basically turned me off of ever wanting to write by telling me that I was no good at it. I got a D in her class. I’ve also had a troll accuse me of being a copycat writer, and various other bullshit-stuff. However, I am a third of the way through a book that I am writing that I am shopping around to publishers, and I have been published in over a dozen different publications. So I think I can consider myself an okay writer. 🙂


*Just a reminder that it doesn’t really matter what others think about your work. Keep on doing the best that you can. Consider the source when dealing with critics! 


  1. Some of my friends tease me about not liking camping. Here’s the thing: I grew up in Saskatchewan and had many childhood camping experiences with bugs and crappy tents that got wet. I love nature, but I love my bed more. Give me glamping or a bed and breakfast and I will hike and swim and boat with the best of ‘em.


  1. Drawing and painting is something I loved as a kid, and then honed in University under the direction of some very talented professors in the Interior Design department. I go in fits and spurts of doing a whole bunch of art, and then putting it away for awhile. A secret dream of mine is to start an illustrating business.

Be yourself and you can be anything, that mom hustle

  1. Fight or flight – I am definitely a flight person! I always look for exits, washrooms (that’s a different issue, but still…) in any unfamiliar place that I go to. I have to do deep breathing techniques in small spaces like waiting for the doctor in the exam room.


  1. The best thing about getting older is that I feel much more comfortable saying ‘no’ or not taking on tasks that don’t serve me. I have had many sleepless nights over people, jobs, and various things that are no longer even relevant. So now I am able to easily move on from things that aren’t a fit.


  1. I embrace being less busy. For many years I was a stress junkie. I made a habit out of staying  busy and easily got myself into states of overwhelm so that I wasn’t able to enjoy life. I almost valued my worth by how busy I was. Over the past two years of freelancing, I have had much more time to reflect and embrace that a slower pace is good – the only barometer you need to follow in life is your own.

Life is about Creating yourself,

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Ten random thing about me. Can you relate?





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